Three Arrests outside BNP Court Case in Liverpool

This morning, the BNP National Treasurer and Griffin ‘yes man’ Clive Jefferson, was at Liverpool Magistrates Court on charges relating to his arrest outside the Crown Court earlier in the month.

The BNP had called for a national mobilisation to support Jefferson, yet unfortunately the active BNP membership is disappearing as fast as party funding. They could only manage around thirty people, of which only two were known faces.

There a small contingent of local anti-fascists in attendance

Their protest was very subdued to say the least, apart from a few of the usual, ‘get a job’ taunts, and calling us ‘paedophiles’.

The subdued atmosphere changed when someone unconnected with either protest was racially abused by one of the BNP. Unfortunately, the police did hear what was said to him, but heard him say back to her, ‘go away’. This apparently required the police to arrest him in order to prevent a breach of the peace.

During the scuffle, two antifascists were also arrested to prevent a breach of the police. The arrested individuals were then marched around the corner to await the meat wagons arrival.

No Pasaran!

19 Responses to “Three Arrests outside BNP Court Case in Liverpool”
  1. Blunt says:

    Might have been a few more anti-fascists there is there was some notice of this on your site…

  2. All you left wing scum should get arrested and anybody who abuses old people are nothing but cowards. Your sort are all allike (SCUM)

    • paul says:

      Get a grip, you fascist prick.

      • Paedo supporting scum. Only truth I have ever heard from UAF and SWP is that none of them dear come to Blackpool to support the two paedos that murdered Charlen Down. Those two nonce’s are knon as Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Revehi who have got it comming tp them soon.

  3. The man who did not turn up at court yesterday needs to be done for contempt of court. We have all been having a good lough. However, I am a prison officer and have been making those muslim paedos lifes a misery.

    • Matthaus Noir says:

      what man?

    • Matthaus Noir says:

      I prison officer and a fascist?

      • Your on Redwatch and left wing prisoner’s have it hard inder my authority.

        • Matthaus Noir says:

          thanks Mr Brodowski, been on there plenty of times, so not really bothered. arent the BNP a proscribed organisation for prison officers Mr Brodowski? I would suggest that if you genuinly are a prison officer Mr Brodowski then you would not be so stupid as to be posting all over the web about being in the BNP. Also, Do the prison service not have a dress code? I only ask, because the last time saw you Mr Brodowski, you were outside Liverpool Crown Court with a bright orange mohican style haircut. So i suspect that you are not a prison officer and that you are just full of shit

          • Marmite says:

            “Your on Redwatch and left wing prisoner’s have it hard inder my authority.”

            Mr Brodowski. Did you by any chance write that with your trousers round your ankles in a fit of ferocious masturbation? It certainly sounds it.

        • Fray Bentos says:

          Oh Dear Mr Brodowski. It would appear that you are now person non grata within far-right circles.

        • Fray Bentos says:

          Oh the irony Mr Brodowski!!! It seems that you are now on Redwatch, as your right wing chums have turned on you, posting your picture, name, address, and telephone number.

  4. Paul Birkin says:

    Brodowski – try reading reports about the fascists who attacked an OAP because he was distributing pro-socialist leaflets then talk about left-wingers being cowards.

  5. Mark Jones says:

    When are those three in court

    • Paul Smith says:

      The should all be locked up the way the dressed and not having a wash. (scruffs)

    • Matthaus Noir says:

      I dont think they will be. They were arrested to prevent a breach of the peace. So I presume that they would have been released without charge. (Not that I know for certain)

  6. Paul Smith says:

    They should have stayed out of it. That Black guy was kicking off with the police in court because he did not have patients to wait. When he came outside court he threatened an old lady thats why he got arrested. However, he is well known to the police for criminal activities and has a big chip on his shoulder, looking like a sower of grapes.

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