A Sikh elder today shared his concern at attempts by the English Defence League to hijack a protest by the Luton Sikh community. The protest outside Luton Police Station last night was in response feelings of a lack of action by the police force.

Catrin Nye, a BBC journalist reported:

“The Sikh protesters shut down the dual carriageway through the centre of Luton, they sat down on the road and chanted surrounded by a large police presence. Their reason they said was the police haven’t dealt properly with the alleged sexual assault on a young Sikh girl in the town.”

“In the early hours of the morning the remaining protesters gathered at Guru Nanak Gurdwara just minutes from the protest site. Members of the English Defence League joined the protest. They claimed they were going to turn it into a national event but that didn’t happen.”

She went on to confirm that the EDL had not been invited as had initially been claimed.

“My name is Jaswinder Singh Nagra, I’m one of the community elders. I personally did not welcome their (English Defence League) presence. Obviously they wanted to make hay of this because its their town. Some of the young boys were very angry and welcomed them but I’m not happy. Our values do not match.”

Responding to whether support for the EDL by young vulnerable Sikhs concerned him, Jaswinder Nagra replied:

“Yes it does because they’re very exploitive and we don’t want our youth following their propaganda.”

Reproduced via – http://www.turbancampaign.com/updates/exploitive-edl-hijacks-sikh-protest-in-luton/

  1. Thanks for the piece and great new blog.

    Points though:

    If the alledged rape/assault had not been against a seikh would they have protested?

    If the alledged perp was another seikh or an athiest etc. would they have protested?

    What bothers them? The crime or the ethnicity / faith of the alleged criminal?

    I find it all a bit chauvanistic to be so protective of their “own” females like that as well. How many females can you see at that demo? Not a picture of feminist radicalism is it? More like a bunch of bored blokes on a summers evening if anything feeding on hearsay and conjecture.

    Then, Lo and behold the EDL weigh in.

    The “facts” of the case appear muddy at least, the EDL and Seikh allegations now seem at the far end of likelyhood. If there was no rape it makes a lot of the frothers rape fantasists does it not? They should really look at themselves.

    Anyone who has a demo that the EDL feel drawn to should look at themselves anyway.

    Most of the Seikh response has been appropriate, but some filthy racists have come out of the woodwork too.

    The EDL are just vile, we can take that as given.

  2. GARY says:

    This type of thing needs to stop, otherwise things will escalate out of control, the Muslim community needs to have a word with their youth like they did when the Shere-Punjab was formed to put a stop to this sort of thing.
    It is no good repeating the same mantra of this being ‘an isolated incident’
    There are too many of these ‘Isolated’ incidents and it is telling that not one victim so far has been of the Muslim faith.

    • Gary says:

      Yes its putting anarchists, communists and anti fascists in a very difficult situation. We cannot allow Sikhs and EDL to come together. If they do its big trouble.

  3. Ubiqutious says:

    What a shame they can’t work together on this one important issue – to protect children, specifically the exploitation of underage girls.

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