Police fear riots by neo-Nazi demo

Hamburg defend itself against a neo-Nazi demonstration, are expected to attend the Saturday some 1,000 right-wing extremists. Political and social forces have called for peaceful counter-demonstrations.

With a large contingent of the police is preparing for the demonstration of the extreme right before this Saturday. At the “Day of the German Future” of the neo-Nazis, the police expect up to 1,000 participants, of which she estimates about 300 as violent.

From the left spectrum could approximately 3000-3500 protesters come, of whom 1000 to 1500 as violent. “We expect violent riots against our colleagues,” said the deputy national chairman of the police union (GdP), Gerhard Kirsch.

With numerous events including the City Hall wants to market a broad coalition of parties, unions, associations, churches and other social organizations are also a sign to the right.

The Police used several thousand officials from several states, to distinguish right and left along the demonstration route. This will lead to closures and impairments, the residents should have an identity document, said a police spokesman.

Some of the major roads in the east of Hamburg are sometimes closed, motorists should expect traffic delays.”We are faced with the difficult task of the different political camps and their potential for conflicts to be separated,” said police chief Wolfgang Kopitzsch. “The police can not choose the event, which she has to protect.” He urged all participants to express their protest peacefully.

Organizers of the demonstration are different according to the police right-wing groups, some of which have a relation to the NPD. The “Day of the Future” was a “signal against foreign domination,” it says on the website of the organizer.

The demonstration takes on a four kilometer-long circuit through the districts of Wandsbek and Eilbek. A short rally after about half the distance, according to a decision of the Hamburg Higher Administrative Court (OVG) is permitted.

Begins at the Hamburg Town Hall Market in the morning an official counter-event to the neo-Nazi rally under the motto “Hamburg shows its colors – for democracy, tolerance and diversity.” It is used by all major political and social groups in the city and also supported by the Hamburg Senate.

The long list of supporters ranging from ballet director John Neumeier to Helmut Schmidt. Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) will make a speech, as well as Bishop Kirsten Fehrs. To play different music groups. Overall, in the inner city more than half a dozen counter-events are planned to be regarded by police as a problem.

A demonstration was called to the “Hamburg alliance against the right” starts at 9:30 clock at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz and the geese will move the market. In the meanwhile, more than 200 initiatives are involved in the Wandsbek – also want to block the demonstration route of the right – a few kilometers away from downtown.

“There is a climate in this city: We do not want these Nazis,” said alliance spokesman Olaf Harms. The members of the alliance wanted to engage in civil disobedience sit-ins and prevent the deployment of the right. “We will go from no escalation, we can carry away us,” said Harms.

The network also called militant leftists and autonomous under the name “antifascist alliance” to help prevent the “Day of the Future”. You have filed a protest in the vicinity of the demonstration. “The concept is an interdependent co-existence of mass blockades and direct action implemented in Hamburg – we are determined to prevent the Nazi rally,” it said in a call to the autonomous.

Reproduced via – http://www.welt.de/regionales/hamburg/article106404075/Polizei-befuerchtet-Krawalle-bei-Neonazi-Demo.html


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