Watch out For This Vermin

This woman has been seen at many far-right events around the North-West over the last twelve month. She tends to stay away from the main group of boneheads, instead choosing to mingle amongst anti-fascists.

She is easy to spot as she is invariably wearing a Union Jack Tee Shirt and carrying a camera. She is most indiscrete in her photographing of anti-fascists, choosing to openly get in their faces, holding her camera just inches from them.

When challenged she usually responds with a torrent of vile verbal abuse, and further attempts at taking pictures. Pictures that are likely to have originated from her have ended up on Redwatch.

Her name is Bernadette Jaggers, a business woman who runs a security firm in Southend. Rather than just being a ‘hanger on’ as first thought, she is senior officer in the National Front, and the Essex organiser.

Bernadette is a recent recruit to the NF, having previously been in the BNP, and in fact was one of Nick Griffins Bodyguards.

Following her defection to the NF, she stood in the May 2012 local elections, winning a derisory 56 votes.

If you see her at a demo, be sure to say hi.

One Response to “Watch out For This Vermin”
  1. Sonia Gable says:

    She also stood for the NF in a Leigh-on-Sea town council by-election on 8 March 2012 when she got a magnificent 3 votes, so the 56 she got in May was a huge improvement.

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