EDL And Infidels In Dick Swinging Contest

Humiliating day really for both the EDL and the BNP. Only 436 EDL supporters went to Rochdale, and under 50 people turned up in Blackpool to listen to Nick Griffin trying to cash in on what is left of an ugly situation there.

Word is rife on the internet that Stephen Lennon, who leads the EDL using the name Tommy Robinson and who has made plenty of threats to “slap” Nick Griffin, is making his way to the Tangerine Club in Blackpool where it is alleged that BNP security staff have roughed up an EDL supporter.

Whether he does or not, remains to be seen, but the people over at “EDL News” are reporting that Nick Griffin has left the Tangerine Club in somewhat of a hurry while his new found friends, the “Infidels” seem to be looking forward to the EDL arriving.

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4 Responses to “EDL And Infidels In Dick Swinging Contest”
  1. tommetzger says:

    Attack the system not each other. The system loves these games. Usually system agents control both sides

    • E E E Bah Gum says:

      You can’t trust the system:

    • Fray Bentos says:

      Far Right groups in the UK have always behaved like this. Every group I can think of have split and splintered several times, and are seemingly in a constant state of internal strife. Perhaps not too dissimilar to groups from other political standpoints, but others appear to be able to work through their differences (to a point).

      • tommetzger says:

        FAR RIGHT AND FAR LEFT ARE MEDIA TRAPS.TRY TO COLLECT EVERYONE FROM SO CALLED LEFT AND RIGHT TO MARCH ON THE CITY OF LONDON .YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED. Follow the money. Their a plenty of ex right wingers marching with the occupy struggle I was just in Chicago supporting the demonstration.

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