BNP Continue To Exploit The Victims of Abuse

Far right activists from the BNP and other groups  have been campaigning outside Burnley Crown Court at the start of a child sex grooming case.

Leaflets about “fight grooming gangs” were handed out by protesters who had gathered outside the court building early in the morning. The offences are alleged to have happened in 2010 in the Brierfield area of East Lancashire.

As per usual, no reference was made to the abuse and crimes committed by offenders from other religions. It appears that the only sex crimes that interest them are the ones in which they can make the maximum political gain from.

There is an interview on the BNP website, conducted by Adam Walker (a man investigated from threatening children with knives) and includes a couple of local BNP cranks. One of the interviewees (the one in the Stetson) makes constant reference to ‘Muslim Colonies’, and claims that there are ‘thousands’ of girls being ‘groomed’ and ‘gang raped’ by Muslims. He goes on to say that “Another problem with the Muslim Colony in this country is that they are the biggest heroin dealers. There are over 420,000 heroin addicts in this country. Before that lot arrived. there was hardly any”. So the crimes against British people by the Muslim Colony are enormous”.

So it would now seem that the Muslim population in this country now have the monopoly on the heroin trade as well as on sex crimes.

Whatever will they blame Muslims for next? The banking crisis? Issues in the Euro Zone? In the coming months nothing will be off the agenda as Nick Griffin tries to save his meal ticket and salvage his train wreck of a party.

Good luck with that.

3 Responses to “BNP Continue To Exploit The Victims of Abuse”
  1. Paul Smith says:

    The BNP are doing a good job against those muslim nonces who you support (RED SCUM).

    • Fray Bentos says:

      but not against sex offenders of other religions??? Good job, Last time I checked all they are doing is standing outside court cases of people who have already been arrested and who are on trial. We support nonces? come one Paul, grow up lad! Red Scum?? Not heard that one today

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