Did Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons want to gas racial minorities in the ’70s?

A now available on DVD “World in Action” documentary, reveals that when BNP MEP’s Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were National Front leaders in the 1970’s, their party had privately decided to gas Britain’s racial minorities at concentration camps whose future locations had already been chosen.

**UPDATE** See full documentary here

As some BNP members have decided that their party is no longer hardline enough, and have apparently as a result joined the National Front, it is important for anti-fascists to make the public aware that when the BNP’s 2 MEP’s, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, were NF leaders, that party privately favoured killing Britain’s racial minorities and Jews in gas chambers, at concentration camps whose future locations had already been chosen, instead of deporting them, partly because deporting people would have been more expensive than gassing them, and partly because NF members thought that gassing racial minorities and Jews would have been “fun”, as the 1978 “World in Action” documentary “The Nazi Party”, which was based on testimony from NF and ex-NF members, and a sworn statement by an unpaid Special Branch spy in the NF revealed.

That documentary is on the 3rd volume of the 3 compilations of old “World in Action” programmes which have been released so far:


Of course, there ought to be a special effort to explain to people in the North West, and Yorkshire and Humber regions, which Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons represent in the European Parliament, that if they vote BNP in the 2014 European election, they will be voting for men who were previously leaders of a party which privately wanted to gas British racial minorities and Jews for fun.

That policy was of course not revealed to the public, as its then leader, John Tyndall, told an American fascist, in a letter which “World in Action” obtained, that he wanted the NF to pose as a moderate party, while neo-Nazis controlled it from behind the scenes. It goes without saying, that telling the public that the party planned to gas huge numbers of people for fun, would not have been a big vote winner.

John Tyndall published a pro-gas chambers article in the February 1965 issue of his “Spearhead” magazine, which “World in Action” quoted from, so the NF’s gas chambers at future concentration camps plans were hardly surprising:

At the time when the NF was privately planning to gas people, its Yorkshire chairman was Andrew Brons, and the national organiser of its Young National Front Students organisation was Nick Griffin, so did they have no problem with being leaders of a pro-gas chambers party, and, in the case of Brons, with the violent crime convictions of Yorkshire NF members (including the 1976 terrorism conviction for possessing bombs of Leeds NF member Richard Craven, who told police that he was waiting for a chance to assassinate a public figure), which were a major focus of the “World in Action” documentary?

The Special Branch spy alleged that the NF’s national and local leadership knew about the violence of NF members (which helped the NF, by increasing racial tensions), but did nothing to stop it, so if that allegation was correct, not only Andrew Brons, but also Nick Griffin was aware that they were leaders of a very violent organisation, whose members clearly had far more convictions per person for violent crime offences, than members of non-fascist parties.

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