The Devils Publisher Is Dead

Anthony Hancock was the son of a leading British Union of Fascists member, a key figure in the history of British Fascism and one of the biggest publishers of Fascist literature in the world.  Thankfully he died yesterday.

Hancock had been a member of many far-right groups over the years. He became a member of the Racial Preservation Society in the 1960’s, which then merged into the National Front in 1967. In the late 1970’s he joined the ‘National Party’, which was one of the many National Front splinter groups.

Throughout the 1970’s, his printing firm produced literature for the National Front, National Party, The League of St George, the British Movement, and after they were formed in the early 80’s, the BNP.

In the 1980’s he created the ‘Historical Review Press’, which printed many vile and hateful texts, such as ‘Did Six Million Really Die’ a newspaper entitled ‘Holocaust News’, and re-prints of the works of such barmpot individuals as, the father of British Fascism and convicted knicker thief….Colin Jordan, and Arnold Leese.

‘Did Six Million Really Die’ was sold in its thousands and was a massive money spinner throughout the world. He was sued in 1982, by author and former deputy chairman on the National Front, Richard Verrall, for unpaid royalties.

He was also a close associate of Holocaust denier David Irving, and Italian Nazi, Robert Fiore. 

Anthony Hancock was a vile individual and the world is a better place without him in 


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