Fascist Boneheads Attack a Demonstration in Glasgow

**Information Courtesy of the Sisterhood Against The Fascist Clan**

Fascists showed up as organisers were setting up for a rally this morning, and threatened a couple of pensioners sorting placards.
Made several attempts to attack the demonstration attended by charities, mps,celebrities and many supporters which resulted in police having to cordon off several areas of Glasgow City centre.

It is thought they made the demo a target because of out of 24 speakers, speakers that included a 8 year old girl,and members of Parliament, charity workers, and a former Scotswoman of the year was Weyman Bennett from UAF (EDL’s sworn enemies).

They did not seem to know what the demo was about (children and the terminally ill being evicted from their homes by a charity)
Both members of ethnic minorities, white supporters, and some pensioners and students on a Palestine stall were verbally abused by the group, as were members of the public walking by.

They swore and shouted hate speech in front of startled shoppers, who joined people in shouting “Nazi Scum off our streets”.
Fascists were surrounded by police for their own safety and escorted to a tube station, where they continued shouting until put on a train headed for a sympathetic bar that would serve them, in the south of the city

Already an Asian man has reported being harassed by men with banners in the Kenning park area where the fascists were moved to by police.

Antifa are currently holding a vigil for comrades arrested whilst trying to prevent the Nazi’s marching.

**Update via – http://glasgowanarchists.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/demo-6pm-4-arrested-as-police-disrupt-refugee-solidarity-demo-to-facilitate-fascists-in-glasgow/

Demo 6pm – 4 arrested as police disrupt refugee solidarity demo to facilitate fascists in Glasgow

At least 4 arrested as police disrupt refugee solidarity demo to facilitate fascists.

Strathclyde police cleared 300 on a refugee solidarity demo from George square in order to allow 25-30 sdl to demonstrate instead. As those on the refugee march protested being cleared, 1 was arrested.

The sdl proceeded to go to the Palestine stall in buchanan st – their usual target. Despite this being predictable there was 1 cop there who stood back and did nothing. Antifa arrived. Police allowed sdl to march around the city and arrested 3 others who were objecting to this.

Demonstration, today, 6pm, stewart st police station.

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