The Curious Case of Toni McLeod

After reading the story of Toni McLeod of the EDL and the possibility her unborn baby will be removed from her and put up for adoption as soon it is born, I felt very uneasy to say the least

As much as I find her views abhorrent, I also find the views of many similar people abhorrent, and I certainly so not wish to live in a country where children are removed from their parents based on their political views.

Reading through the story further, I started to get the strong scent of a very large rat in my nostrils.

Durham County Council has told Toni McLeod she would pose a “risk of ­significant harm” to the baby. Social workers fear the child would become radicalised with EDL views and want it put up for adoption immediately.”

Says who? Durham County Council? No, absolutely not. Miss McLeod claims that Durham County Council have said that. Neither the Social Workers, or their employers would talk to the media or anyone else about the case, for very obvious reasons of confidentiality.

It seems that Miss McLeod can say whatever she wants, but it cannot really be challenged, as no one can question the people who are supposedly making the decisions about her children.

“I am being targeted and having my unborn baby snatched because of my political beliefs” she claims, the newspaper headlines go along with the same view, as do all the internet boneheads and associated right-wing groups.

In the course of my employment I once worked with a lady who was going to have her unborn child removed from her at birth. The reasons for this were complex and very longstanding, and for reasons that I will not go into, she posed a serious and immediate risk to that child. The reason that she claimed was why the child was being taken from her had no resemblance to the truth. The the local media didn’t know the truth, and nor did they care when publishing the story.

Whilst I am sure Toni McLeod’s EDL shenanigans will have been mentioned by the Social Workers in their reports, the reasons why her child will be taken may have something to do with the fact that her other three children were at such a risk that they have been placed in care, due to her chronic abuse of alcohol and drugs, that leads to aggressive behaviour, and exacerbates her mental health problems.

Contrary to what some people may think, children are not removed from their parents at the drop of a hat or for no good reason, and Toni McLeod is no different.

Toni McLeod has obviously got a lot of problems in her life that I would not wish on anyone, and it’s a disgrace that she is being exploited by the gutter press and the far-right for political gain.

The story reminds me of the case of the man whose house was up for sale in the 1970’s, and who put a poster up in his window saying “no blacks” (or words to that effect). He was made out to be some kind of martyr, a champion of free speech etc etc. When in reality he was a card carrying member of the British Movement, and had been a lifelong Nazi.

Sometimes, you need to scratch beneath the surface to find what is really going on.

14 Responses to “The Curious Case of Toni McLeod”
  1. Marmite says:

    Eminently amen. Muck raking tabloids like the Express attack social workers because they make easy targets and easy targets sell papers. As far as social workers are concerned, it’s a case of damned if they do (which means the tabloids can portray them as “heartless mercy workers”) and damned if they don’t (in which case they’re a load of “inefficient bureacrats and idealists”). It’s pretty obvious that this woman’s history of drink and drug abuse and violence are the reason for this decision. It’s possible that her involvement with the EDL played a part, but only because Social Services perceived it as being a violent organisation, and therefore liable to be a detrimental influence on the child.

    Regarding the racist who tried to sell his home. His name was Robert Relf and he put up a notice which read For Sale To An English family. He was told to take it down, refused, was prosecuted and ended up in jail on hunger strike.

    I remember the case well because Relf was known to me as a leading light in the British Movement, and one of Colin Jordan’s henchmen, and the founder of a British branch of the Ku Klux Klan. A thoroughly slimy odious individual if ever there was one and who with any luck, will be dead by now.

    I’m very glad of the race relations legislation, although there are times when it seems to be used with all the subtleness of someone smashing walnuts with a sledgehammer. EG., the Emma West case. But I’d have to search hard and long before I found one single grain of sympathy for the likes of Robert Relf.

  2. Gareth says:

    “due to her chronic abuse of alcohol and drugs” and “her mental health problems.”
    Got any proof for this?

    • Maitiu Dubh says:

      Mentioned in the original article in the Express. they are mentioned in documents that she showed to the Daily Express

      • Jim says:

        The same Express Story says that documents seen by them say SS have concerns about her history of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, violence and mental illness.

        She is banned from keeping animals after setting a dog on her ex and has convictions for biting and headbutting police at an EDL demo.

        Yeah. There’s proof.

  3. Gareth says:

    Thats not proof of drug addiction, alcohol abuse and mental illness at all. The Express didn’t have any proof either, all i’m saying is don’t throw around word unless you can back them up.

  4. malatesta32 says:

    its got fuck all to do with her views and to do with the fact she is a violent cracker with a history of criminal behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse. would you let this woman baby sit your kids?

    • hmmm… not really sure that I trust the social services, nor want to see those who have clashed with the legal system, or taken drugs or drink denied the right to raise kids. Not knowing her, I cannot say whether she would be a good babysitter or not, but having the correct political stance is hardly a necessary qualification for that.

    • FlickFlack says:

      And your racist language “cracker” should be tolerated Malatesta32?

  5. FlickFlack says:

    The thing that bothers me most is the fact social services will not let the Father take care of the child because of his job!! It stinks…….

  6. casual says:

    Well from what I can make out NOBODY has a right to judge this woman unless 1.They know her and know her well and 2.Have you walked in her shoes? have you lived the life she has lived?So what if she has radicalised views, so what if she has had alcohol and drug missuse issues.Theres a reason why people live the lives they live and unless you have been in a similer situation, who are you to judge?
    Social services love to stick there noses in when its not needed and mess-up when it is needed!And society love to get there two-pence worth in.Did any of you KNOW her?
    As far as I am aware Toni has died, I dont know the circumstances but considering it was around the day her story came to light in the papers, you have to ask the question was it just to much for this young woman to take?? All her kids have been taken from her.Ok maybe she has messed up inlife but come on who the hell has’nt?

    • LiverAF2012 says:

      So what if she has alcohol and drug issues??? you are quite right, its none of my business, or anyone else’s…..until a child is at risk, which clearly is the point of the story. No I dont know her, no I havent walked in her shoes,and neither does anyone else. But whatever problems / difficulties she has, the child comes first, which again is the point. I was merely saying that there are likely to be more reasons for her children being taken away, than she has divulged to the papers. that is all.

      Oh and lastly, I suggest that you prepare yourself a but better before coming on here. Toni has not died. you will find that it is a different Toni (who also happens to be involved in the EDL) who has died. You fucking idiot!

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