‘Anonymous’ Hacks 17 Hungarian Nazi Websites

Operation Blitzkrieg has been going for some time now, its an operation that is attempting to expose and attack all the nazi based sites across the internet.

today they have releaed a file with 17 sites in it that have been hacked and left defaced.

  1. http://hunterss.uw.hu
  2. http://worstnightmare.uw.hu
  3. http://asgaird.uw.hu
  4. http://hunorzenekar.uw.hu
  5. http://bloodandhonour.uw.hu
  6. http://hitlerjugend.uw.hu
  7. http://adolfhitler.uw.hu
  8. http://hitlerrol.uw.hu
  9. http://hitler.uw.hu
  10. http://ronaldmchitler.uw.hu
  11. http://n88.uw.hu
  12. http://d88.uw.hu
  13. http://skinheadinfo.atw.hu
  14. http://atw.hu
  15. http://n88.uw.hu
  16. http://division88.uw.hu
  17. http://waffensstk.uw.hu

Reproduced via – http://www.cyberwarnews.info/2012/06/19/17-hungarian-websites-hacked-and-defaced-for-opblitzkrieg/

21 Responses to “‘Anonymous’ Hacks 17 Hungarian Nazi Websites”
  1. tommetzger says:

    Oh my thats a real blow for the working class. The capitalists carefully fill your ranks with off shore none Brit scabs and you support the capitalists by supporting the scabs. I have to hand it to those Capitalists they really know how to con and subvert

  2. Jensin Boout says:

    *Salutes Anonymous* I know who’s side im on for now on !

  3. John says:

    Thanx Anonymus!

  4. Marmite says:

    Oh THAT Tom Metzger! “……….. an American white supremacist who founded White Aryan Resistance (WAR). His far-right activist groups, including WAR, have been monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an American organization that tracks hate groups. He has been incarcerated in Los Angeles County, California and Toronto, Ontario, and has been the subject of several lawsuits and government inquiries. Metzger has also been involved with the Republican and Democratic parties, as an activist and a candidate. A neo-Nazi, who was also the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s, Metzger has voiced strong opposition to U.S. immigration.” (From Wikipedia. For more on this charming piece of “non-Nazi work” visit
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Metzger_(white_supremacist) .

    Sounds to me like our old Uncle Tom might have joined the Nazi party if it hadn’t been quite so far to the left.

  5. tommetzger says:

    I have a giant website but I do not have members thus no organization. I like that art its on the walls of almost all races. I saw it all over Japan.

  6. tommetzger says:

    Are you sure you guys are not just an MI 5 or false flag operation? No offense. The general tone is the same I see among right and left wing groups over here.
    You waste a lot of time on a few right wingers. The working class is being screwed by the city of London not a few skin heads

  7. mytzlpltz says:

    Can black peolpe be white racist too. it would be soo cool if I could jion in on the stupidity

  8. tommetzger says:

    A black person should be Black and Racist. Don’t think whites of any stripe will really fight your fight. Don’t let the left or right con you. You can trust me because i will tell you awful truth without spin.

  9. “National socialism is a Left Wing pro worker idea” – possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. And thats up with some pretty stiff competition from all the other crap Tom has written & said over the years

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