Liverpool’s Secret Holocaust Denying Nazi Author

You may be wondering who the two men in the picture above are? The one on the left is Michael McLaughlin, the slobbering Hitler fanatic from Wirral who was the leader of the extremely violent Neo-Nazi ‘British Movement’ in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The man on the right is the respectable businessman and author Michael Walsh, who runs a writing business in the Princes Park area of Liverpool.

***What you may not realise is that these two men are one and the same***

You may ask why Mr McLaughlin chose to change his name? Was it because he had renounced his fascist beliefs and wanted a fresh start and a new career? Or is it because he wanted an extra layer of secrecy in order to hide his rabid Hitler obsession and Holocaust denial?

Before discussing his current activities, here is a brief history of Michael McLaughlin(Walsh) and the British Movement in order to add some context:

The openly Nazi British Movement was formed in 1968 by Colin Jordan. Jordan led the party until 1975, when he had to stand down from his position after he had been convicted of stealing a pair of knickers from Coventry Tesco. He was replaced by his close ally, Michael McLaughlin, who was a milkman from Wirral.

McMcLaughlin continued in a similar vein to Jordan, by trying to build the British Movement into an ultra-violent street organisation. By 1979, they had a membership of around 3,000 boneheads, who routinely assaulted ethnic minorities.

Unfortunately for McLaughlin, he was not the sharpest tool in the box, and he was taken in by a Searchlight ‘mole’, Ray Hill, who deliberately engineered his own expulsion from the party, took half the membership with him to newly formed BNP, and started a court case against McLoughlin that ended up bankrupting the British Movement.

McLaughlin stood down from his leadership position in 1983, closed the party offices, and effectively ‘wound down’ the British Movement. It was re-launched by a group of non-entities and knuckle draggers, and continues in some kind of form today, but they were never again the force they had once been.

McLaughlin became a laughing stock and persona non-grata due to his incompetence as the British Movement Fuhrer, and stepped back from the nationalist movement. In the late 1980’s, it is believed he had involvement in running several army surplus stores. venture into Army Surplus Stores was part of his “conversion” to survivalism. ie., the belief that the whole of western civilisation is about to go down the pan and, in the ensuing melee, only the fittest and ablest will survive. It’s rubbish crap of course, but exactly the kind of rubbish which the far right would fall for. Plus there’s money in it. Buy your survival gear from Michael McLaughlin and he’ll be in with a profit, and you’ll be in with a chance.

As far as most people are concerned, the story ended there. The name of Michael McLaughlin has been rarely mentioned since, but his involvement in fascism has continued.

He is now known as Michael Walsh, and runs a writing business in Liverpool, that covers such things as copywriting, ghost writing, and freelance journalism. He has been running this business since 1989 and according to his website he has a long list of satisfied customers. We wonder whether those customers know about his extracurricular activities?

An advert for his business:

Michael Walsh Copywriting is a long established business offering copywriting back-up to both public and private clients throughout the local area. The company, which is based in Princes Park (Liverpool), began trading in 1989 and hasmany years experience in professional writing to journalist standards.

English language repair service, features, articles, marketing material, short stories; fiction and real life on any subject. Website content, co-writing and ghostwriting.

Michael Walsh Copywriting has a satisfied customer base, based in and around Liverpool, including solicitors, business services and news media. The company creates journalist standard grammar that enhances reader experience and is appropriate for publishers, web designers and businesses with websites. Created by many years writing experience, the written copy; adds considerably to reader perception with added marketing know-how included. The service is available on-line.

The company is managed by Michael Walsh-mcLaughlin who has been involved in the copywriting market for many years. Michael Walsh-mclaughlin is more than able to run the company, having previously worked for the media in the UK and abroad.

Like anyone who claims to be a respectable businessman, Walsh portrays a professional image across his website. However there is the odd suggestion of his secret life. Take his Skype address for example:

Neo-Nazis use the number 88 as a code to represent the slogan Heil Hitler. The letter H is eighth in the alphabet, so 88 is meant to stand for HH. The number is sometimes used in combination with the number 14 (e.g. 1488 or 14/88). In this context, the number 14 stands for the “Fourteen Words“, which is a white nationalist slogan created by convicted terrorist David Lane. Examples of usage include: the song “88 rock’n’roll band” by the neo-Nazi band Landser, and the names of the groups Column 88Unit 88, White Legion 88 and Barselc88. Holocaust museum shooter James von Brunn often signed his writings as “JVB-88.” Hungarian far-right party Jobbik often uses the number 88. The party’s program for the 2010 elections was published on 88 pages.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence?

Over the last few years, Michael Walsh has been publishing his vile Nazi propaganda via a website run by a Nazi called Gary Lauck. Here are three links to help you get a flavour of Mr Lauck:

Link1, Link2, Link3

Walsh’s page, entitled ‘United Kingdom News Desk by Michael Walsh’ is full of disgusting holocaust denial, racism, and anti-Semitism.

Michael Walsh is also a contributor to pages on the Historical Review Press Website. The Historical Review Press is an openly Nazi publishing company set up and ran by Anthony Hancock, a lifelong fascist and publisher of Nazi hate material throughout the world. Fortunately Mr Hancock died last week.

Walsh also runs at least two irregularly updated blogs that are full of the usual nonsense: blog1, blog2

Over the last twenty years, Michael Walsh has written at least two books: Witness to History and The Thinking Man’s Adolph Hitler. Both titles are full of holocaust denial and praise for Hitler.

As well as writing books, Michael Walsh has been busy on websites and blogs throughout the world, writing about his love of Adolf Hitler, holocaust denial, white supremacy, race hatred, and anti-Semitism. Here are a few of the links so you get a sense of what he has been up to: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Walsh was interviewed earlier this year on a white supremacist radio show in America. Here is a full audio recording of the interview, where he talks about his old favourites of Adolf Hitler and denying the Holocaust. He also discusses his time in the British Movement, and recalls events in Liverpool Prison, and how the ‘screws gave him a hard time for being a racist.

It would appear that rather than just becoming a respectable businessman and award winning writer, Michael McLaughlin Walsh has transformed himself from the incompetent laughing stock leader of the rag tag bunch of fascist boneheads in the British Movement, into an author of vile and hate filled books, and a contributor to Fascist publications across the world.

Whilst Michael McLaughlin Walsh may have retired to the comfortable and profitable world of academic Hitler worship, the brand of violent and racist street thuggery that he propagated thirty years ago is being resurrected by a new generation of boneheads.


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