The Dictionary of Greek Neo-Nazis

Anti-Greek: He who hates the Nation. Participate in strikes, demonstrations, it attacks the benefactors of the nation, such as banks and offshore companies, wants to participate in assemblies, does not hate his enemies the Turks, not in the Greek flag tattoos, does not hold a knife. I understand the spelling of the script.

Love: Meaning, artificial construct of the unwashed left, which they use to express how koultouriariko with their sexual perversions and their supposed humanitarianism. The word is now removed from the official vocabulary and use in place of the Faith.

Fighter: Greek, proud of the leader and his nation. Peg keeps the Sacred Galanolefki, parades honoring the Army, clears barbarians, waving to the standard of the Third Reich Ancestry and a glorious standard of national education.

Blood: The Sanctuary union characteristic of the breed. The blood flowing in our veins differs from that of the barbarian peoples and is common only in some European breeds, like the Germans and Austrians. In Greek men and women prohibited contamination of blood by Greek barbarians, or by or through embracing the sexual act that can have disastrous results for Purity.

Anarchy: Psefdoideologia, which embrace the enemies of the nation, usually wool, students, drug addicts, homosexuals and lazy. Synthesized by the withdrawal-although the “principle”, ie without beginning, which means the power authority. This fact alone makes the word deposed by the neo-fascist vocabulary. It also promotes anti-Hellenic notions as self-organization, autonomy, self, freedom, equality and other such bullshit. The anti-Hellenic monstrosities of Camus, Dostoevsky, Bakunin, Malatesta, Kropotkin, Goldman, Castoriadis, Orwell and others will be burned in public view, like the music discs Holes, Clash, Sex Pistols, Manu Chao, Generation of Chaos, P.Sidiropoulos k . a, along with films funded by Soros as what you do in case of fire, earth and Freedom, The days of plenty are numbered, etc. you

Anti-authoritarians: The enemies of the Leader and the fascist front. Anti-Greek, paid agents of the Illuminati and the Jews, and atheists, antichrists. Usually distinguished by their long hair, beards, but now may be a citizen above suspicion. They will understand the frequent mention of the word “solidarity” and “power”. Springing up like mushrooms, although any free social space has been demolished years its foundations. Delivered alive to local authorities, which will take immediate advantage of their labor force.

Police: Along with the militia, the Service snitch and Fascist Front Inflator, is to fortify the nation against the anti-Greek worms, strikes, demonstrations, rallies more than 3 people, the noisy debates, thinking, in the evening count houses, counting the morning at school, the afternoon counting the food on the tables. They have the right of the beating, torture, rape, however, prohibited the wearing of property approved by the State citizens, foreigners or of Greek national benefactors Investors. Each branch is entitled to 10 public security officers. Each party officials entitled to a squad of riot police on every block around the home, office, meeting place where Ellinikotato drink coffee.

Library: Building in which one can read the approved books of the National Censorship. At the time of writing this library you can find Michalovlaka 4 books (including his last book “The days of my BPH”), 29 of Liakopoulos Putin, 2 side, the Old, 4 Hitler, 45 books on the Third Reich, 3 books on Ancient Greece and the second book with instructions Kokodiari tactical communication Fascists.

Woman: She is remembered as a Greek mother, and a key element of continuity and the Blood Tribe. The Greek Male Leader has rights in his home, and the woman has to obey the commands. Any domestic problem, of course, should be condemned by men in local authorities.

Internet: Tool of misinformation and propaganda that promote the condemned free choice of media. All historians refute the outlandish Nation mud that supposedly used by the neo-fascists to recruit Young Greeks. We were and we are the tool that the New World Order and therefore forbidden throughout the country.

Strength: As the minister said the Nazi propaganda, Goebbels, and continues to tell our leader, only the strong have the right to survive and must always be a strength. The law is the law of the powerful and strong. Weak in Keadas.

Jew: The source of all evil.

Work: sacred duty towards the Fatherland, that the National Economy is example of imitation, but also able to meet the needs of military equipment. All Greeks are obliged to work at the National Centers of Production initially for two years without pay, and then transferred to a private company they choose. The salaries are adjusted according to national needs and long-secret special purposes of the Nation, but all the Greeks have a job.

Irene: As defined by the Great Leader Michalovlakas is the interval between the Holy Wars. The pitiful that period during which people engage in such shameless acts of love, travels, friendships, conversations. The nation needs peace, whoever is going to pacifist hippies.

Leader: The brain, the soul and the exponent of the Nation and his ideas. Each decision is immediately accepted and enforced by the servants of the Nation. It may not have the appearance of White Supreme Leader, the advent of the old man who predicted Pastitsio, but it is proven direct descendant of our ancient ancestors, namely nightmare.

Capitalism: Evraiokratia in all its glory.

Communism: Ideology made by Jews to serve their own interests: the Jews and their allies, the Communists, secretly planning to conquer the world and enslave humanity. Marx’s Capital, and other anti-Greek balls were eventually discovered that part of the Protocols of Zion.

New World Order: A secret conspiracy that wants to destroy Greece and to conquer the interests of Jews. Financial funds from around the world, along with local traitors apergazetai plans for the annihilation of the Greek civilization.

Stranger: hominid material used as raw material in the camps for experimental purposes.Material that try to cross the Greek border will live like a used mobile mines in enemy territory.Anyone ypothalptei foreign element, facing consequences similar to those of a stranger.

War: The main instrument of the nation to understand the memorable Homelands and the holy land of the Greeks. All Greeks are considered potential warriors of the Nation, live and breathe this in mind. For this reason, will be placed in kindergarten special equipment for exercises “fire and motion” with plastic replicas guns, primary schools will be integrated into the course of shooting, martial arts and is distributed free guide to survival in the forest. For graduation from primary school students must pass a special test diavolovdomada in desert soil, after which they will be drawn the swastika tattoos.

Multiculturalism: A social model promoted by the Jews based on interracial relationships and aims to change the ethnic composition of white around the world. The White Tribe in danger of extinction because of mass migration and invasion of non-white (which is lower of course) in the Western world.

Sex: Procedure for the reproduction of the Nation. The pimp of the State are only entitled to come together with precautions in specially designed rooms with full comfort and privacy, only 30 minae ten-minute hotel chain in New Fascist Dream

School: Schools are divided into Civil, Police, Military. The first required to attend all Greek students until the age of 15 years, and then choose between the second and third to take the necessary National Discipline and military or police training. The Universities of the country belong to private companies, but the evaluation of specific programs undertaken Authority National Revival.

Companion: Greeting used by Agents of the Nation, anarchists and Bolsheviks. Permanently prohibited the use of and replaced by the women not SynEllina.Stis addresses themselves are required to bow their heads at the sight of a Greek man.

Jimmy Panousis: One of the biggest anti-Greek and agent of Jews.

Price: The highest virtues every man Greek. Protistos concerns the attitude towards the Holy Nation and Race. Any personal issue aside in front of the sacred duty towards the Greek blood.The price is beyond any humanity, any sympathy towards the bottom of any sex and personal attitude.

Liberalism: Another attempt by Jews to control the world through the plutocracy and ethnomidenismou promoted by the anti-Hellenic world order.

Greetings: The traditional greeting of Aristotle, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, the goddess Athena and all the ancient Greeks, ie the so-called Nazi returned again as state laws.

Hitler: Great Hellenist and a lover of the ancient Greek tradition, especially the huge intellectual and cultural heritage of ancient Sparta. Benefactor of the Nation of Greece and Savior of the ideas of darkness. A great contribution to science with Eugenics overfunding of experiments, during which used DNA and Greeks. Here lies the great and historic lie of global New World Order. The Nazis killed dozens of supposedly actually some Greeks, but not by hatred. Just saw the expertise contaminated with eastern peoples blood and cleared once and for all the Greeks from the dirt. S listening to the cry of the name Heil Hitler with tsirichti voice, stretching our body.

Christianity: Following the discovery that the supposed words of Jesus were forgeries by Jews and discovering the true words of the Christian religion is consistent with the principles of the nation. According to the Holy Father Nazimon Text of the sinless, Jesus Naziraios (this was his real name) had the virtues of Racism, Xenophobia, was declared fan of Totalitarianism and entertained with burnt offerings and Pogroms. The regime of the dictatorship was promoted instead of humiliating and dialogues, he preferred the torture and the application of the law as possible. He also had a shaved head and it was hairy and had Mallias Tattoo with the ancient swastika on his right hand. Finally, DNA tests revealed the truth of the fact that he was Greek.

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