The Far-Right Reach New Levels Of Idiocy Over The Great HP Sauce Swindle

Just when you think that the far-right boneheads could not get any more stupid, they manage it. Those crackpots at ‘Boycott Halal’ have contacted HP sauce to enquire whether their sauce is Halal. They received the news they were hoping for….Yes it is Halal!

All true indigenous Brits were mortified. Had this historic icon of Britishness had now succumbed to the Muslamics?

Since when had the Muslims been putting meat into our beloved HP sauce? Well, as was pointed out by the’ boycott’ lot, the secret recipe changed recently, and it must have been in order to incorporate dead animals!

How stupid must you be not to understand that ‘Halal’ does not just entail the way in which an animal has been slaughtered, but also refers to products that are suitable for people who have a ‘Halal’ diet. Just in the same way that a product may be suitable for Vegetarians.

HP Sauce Ingredients – water, vinegar, dates, glucose-fructose, black strap molasses, tomato paste, modified cornstarch, salt, orange juice concentrate, onion, spices, tamarind extract, apple juice concentrate, garlic, chili peppers, and mustard flour

Because it does not include any meat or animal products, boneheads!

One Response to “The Far-Right Reach New Levels Of Idiocy Over The Great HP Sauce Swindle”
  1. Let truth set you free says:

    Even the Daily Mail got the reason for the change right, the “secret” change in the recipe was widely reported at the time, as Heinz who now own HP followed our own governments guidelines and reduced the amount of salt in the sauce.

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