Walthamstow Say NO to the EDL

Following the announcement by the EDL earlier this year that they will be holding a rally in Walthamstow on Saturday 18th August, local community groups have set up the, ‘We Are Waltham Forest Campaign’ in response.

Following a launch meeting of the group that was attended by over 100 people, they have announced that they will be holding a counter demonstration on the same day as the EDL event.

Leading up to August 18th, the Waltham Forest Campaign are planning a fundraising music event on the 29th June at the Orford House Social Club in Walthamstow.

Further details as they come

2 Responses to “Walthamstow Say NO to the EDL”
  1. tommetzger says:

    Real Anti Fascists attack Corporate-banking Fascism. They don’ t waste time on Hollywood theater.They concentrate on fascist banking, corporations, Big Pharma, Military Industrial Complex, Environmental ETC.They don’t role around in the street with other powerless people.Raise your sites if you are real!

    • LiverAF2012 says:

      Tom, when fascists are organising to target and attack groups of people based on religion or colour then we will intervene. It’s what any fascists do !!!!! As for targeting the state etc, yes, as I have already told you. That is our main front of activism….come on Tom, keep up!

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