National Front Goons Attack Charity Worker in Dewsbury

News is reaching us that The National Front along with The North West Infidels held a “flash” demo in the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury today.

About a dozen fascists descended on the rainy mill town which will see a much larger EDL demonstration next Saturday.

Apparently their presence was challenged by a male charity worker who was subsequently assaulted by one of the far right thugs.

Local police were quick to respond and made one arrest.

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The EDL distance themselves from the racism of the NF….LOL

2 Responses to “National Front Goons Attack Charity Worker in Dewsbury”
  1. yorkshireantifascist says:

    Kevin ‘Redwatch’ Watmough in the front of shot there – also noticed his partner Kate Watmough/Dermody has been chipping her bit in on the NWI facebook group. Last time I heard anything of Dermody was the BPP’s hilarious failure of an ‘anti hip-hop’ demo outside HMV in Leeds a few years ago – Kate was pretty much the sole attendant! NF and NWI must be getting desperate if they’re relying on those two clowns for anything!

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