The Greek Orthodox Church Openly Supports the Neo Nazi Golden Dawn

A church that has often been accused of financial and sexual scandals which a few years back in 2005, drew international attention. This same church offered its blessings at Golden Dawn’s offices. At least four dioceses (Chalkis Mesogaias, Korinthias, Patras) in towns such as Chalkis (9/25/2011), Loutsa (11/20/2011), Nemea (4/1/2012), Kato Axaya (4/29 / 2012) respectively received similar orthodox blessings too 

In the recent Greek parliamentary elections on June 17, the neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” party, has managed to score an enormous 6.92%, mainly spurred by financial angst and deep disillusionment with mainstream politicians (previous score 0.29% in the last 2009 elections ), electing 18 deputies, despite the fact that some of its party members are alleged for homicide, armed robbery, stabbing and brutal bulling misconduct toward poor, unfortunate immigrants. This is a party openly praising Hitler, the SS and the former Greek military junta regime dictator Papadopoulos (1967-1974), its member’s practice the Nazi salute, in the past Lucifer and Antichrist has been praised by its leader and through their official magazine.

Ilias Kasidiaris, the Golden Dawn’s party spokesman, recently slapped a left woman deputy and threw water in the face of another on live television which was diffused worldwide, he then managed to disappear and hide for two days in order to avoid an immediate trial. A Few Days Later, Kasidiaris Presented to The prosecutor himself Asking permission to Bear Arms … (!) Accompanied by Bodyguards and A Priest . The same man is alleged of been involved in an armed robbery; his trial has “curiously” been postponed three times. He has also been accused by leading members of other Right and extreme-right parties of assault.

More about this political clan and its “Fuhrer” who, denies the existence of the Holocaust, can be found at English Wikipedia

More Interesting Material revealing The brutal Nazi and Satanic Nature of this clan Criminal CAN BE found at The Greek-report Jungle Blog, although however, Google Or Other translation is Necessary.

The High Electoral score of The Golden Dawn in The Greek PARLIAMENT, 2,012 after May Elections, attracted interest of The President of The European COMMISSION Jose Manuel Barroso Who ” … The EU warned That COMMISSION “Will Not hesitate to Use All Mechanisms available to Act Against Those Who insult community Law and Fundamental Human Rights The charter “.

The Orthodox Church of Greece, is a Church which has been justly accused for its close ties with the former military Junta regime (1967-1974), an official national-state church institution that defiantly surpasses Greek legislation, and often incites ethnic hatred against people of neighbour states, despite the fact that they are Christian orthodox themselves, as those of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. A church that has often been accused of financial and sexual scandals which a few years back in 2005, drew international attention. This same church offered its blessings at Golden Dawn’s offices. At least four dioceses (Chalkis, Mesogaias, Korinthias, Patras) in towns such as Chalkis (9/25/2011), Loutsa (11/20/2011), Nemea (4/1/2012), Kato Axaya (4/29 / 2012) respectively received similar orthodox blessings too …

Priests often rally in favour of Golden Dawn in churches (Saint Andreas of Kato Patissia, Archdiocese of Athens, from newspaper ‘Avgi’ 30 March 2012). The Golden Dawn HIS Leader paid respects to The Anti-Semite Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus bishop formally by visiting HIM HIS at diocese headquarters to discuss The ” Immigration problem “(!) while Offering HIM AS A Gift, A Holy Virgin Mary of icon. Metropolitan bishop Ambrosios of Kalavryta (a town-victim of Nazi-war atrocities) backed and praised the neo-Nazis. Even Archbishop himself, Ieronymos, offered his blessings in Parliament, to the Leader of Golden Dawn spreading him with Holy Water (Photo 3).The Churches’ S Head Hierarchy Remains an indifferent, Neutral to The Daily Spectator Violent pogrom Unleashed by The Golden Dawn Against Those That Once Named Christ himself, Foreigners and Immigrants HIS ” Least Brothers “. Please Note That The FACT The Golden Dawn MPs appeared at The inauguration of newly elected The Parliamentary session of The Last Elections , accompanied by an Orthodox Priest (Photography 2). Even the Greek bishop of Argentina Tarasios of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, was present (September 2006) as a defence witness in the trial of a member of Golden Dawn Antonis Androutsopoulos, fugitive for eight years (unanimously sentenced to 21 years imprisonment, the penalty was reduced to 12 yrs. in 2009) for a homicidal attack on a student named Christos Kousouris (June 1998).The Conservative recently Athenian Newspaper “The Paron” (the 13th th May two thousand and twelve) Revealed (Without Any reaction from The Church) That Many Bishops voted Golden Dawn and “Feel Proud for it”.

The Greek Church supported the Nazis

In recent elections the Nazi party ‘Golden Dawn’ exploiting the tragic economic position in which the country has come and the blind rage of a portion of the population, took 7% of the vote and elected 21 deputies. It’s a party whose members are accused convicted for murder actions, for armed robbery of beatings and stabbings, mostly unfortunate immigrants. It’s a party that has openly praised Hitler, the SS, the Greek dictator Papadopoulos (1967-1974), members of the Nazi salute, threaten and beat migrants and older leader himself had praised Lucifer and the Antichrist. Recently made a tour of the world’s spokesman attacked the Golden Dawn Kasidiari, already accused in the trial have been delayed for involvement in an armed robbery three times (and even complained executives of the Right and the extreme right that has cheirodikisei against them) by two women MPs during telecast. Proceedings were brought against him Kasidiaris but managed to escape and hide in order to avoid an immediate trial. A few days after he went to the Prosecutor to apply for a license accompanied by armed bodyguards and a priest. An idea for the organization and the Fuhrer, who denies that the Holocaust happened, you can get from the English Wikipedia

Photos and texts revealing the hard Nazi and satanist nature of this criminal organization and you can see if you need to translate this site in Greek .

Perhaps you know that the election of the Golden Dawn employed and European Commission President Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso .

The Orthodox Church of Greece, a Church which bears on its cooperation with the military tyrannical regime (1967-1974), a national state church that often incites ethnic hatred against neighboring peoples, even omodoxon as the people of FYROM, a Church dipped in financial and sexual scandals that especially in 2005 got international publicity, blessed by priests of the offices of Golden Dawn least Chalkis (25/09/2011) Loutsa (11.20.2011), Nemea (1/4 / 2012), Kato Achaia (29/04/2012), ie at least four dioceses (Mesogaias, Corinth, Patras, Chalkis), even in Loutsa festively with four clergymen, priests in the temples of propaganda in favor of the organization (St. Andrew’s Kato Patissia Archdiocese of Athens, ‘Dawn’ 03/30/2012), Bishop of the anti-Semite as Seraphim of Piraeus meet with the leader, discuss the immigration problem (!) and donate the image of the Virgin Mary, others like Kalavryta (the victim of a city Nazi atrocities) Ambrose praised the organization, he and Archbishop Jerome justifies the House by the Leader of sanctification, united not follow the hierarchy without protest the violent pogrom unleashed by the Golden Dawn of least brothers of Christ of strangers. Please note that Members of the House appeared, accompanied by Orthodox priest. Even the Greek bishop of Argentina Tarasios the Ecumenical Patriarchate, was present (September 2006) as a defense witness a member of the Golden Dawn Antonis Androutsopoulos fugitive for eight years and (who was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment unanimously, the penalty was reduced in 2009 to 12 years) for murder attack on the student Christos defect (June 1998). Recently the conservative Athenian newspaper “Present” (13.5) revealed that many bishops voted Golden Dawn and boast about it.

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  1. μαρίνα μόγλη says:

    there is one more thing which you forgot to mention, that the Greek Orthodox church does not pay any taxes while they have a lot of property all over the country and they even have shares in the stock market, while Greece is struggling during the current financial crisis

  2. Stranger says:

    Here is an article from the Greek newspaper “To Vima”:
    No comments from the church for the anti-Christian MP
    May 12, 2012

    The Church of Greece, usually sensitive to these issues, keeps silent so far, about the election of anti-Christian members of the “Chrysi Aygi” (Golden Dawn) at the Greek Parliament.

    MP George Germenis, known by the nickname “Keadas” is a member of the black metal band Naer Mataron. In an interview that was published on August 1, 2009 in the online music magazine «Rock Escapes” states: “The black metal is anti-Christian and pagan in reference to music and seeks the abolition of the Christian system and the creation of a new one.”

    Although these days everyone has learned the views of Mr. Germenis even the most versatile bishops, who they used “to tear their clothes” when a left or center MP dared to make even the slightest negative comment about the church, this time choose an unusual but deafening silence.

    The representative of the press office of the Archbishop of Athens Mr. Chronis Tsianakas, answering the question about the official position of the Archdiocese on the issue, simply stated that “the position of the leadership of the Church will be known, if and when the issue will be discussed at the Holy Synod”.

    From the office of Mr. Seraphim (bishop of Piraeus) also say that there is “currently” no official position on the matter, while from the office of Mr. Anthimos (bishop of Thessaloniki) say “they do not listen to this music,” but, as noted, “they are not very concerned because, as they heard, Keadas’ parents are Orthodox Christians.”

    At the same time, the church seems not to be listening to public complaints, according to which priests in churches such as St Andrew (in Kato Patissia, Athens), propagandize openly in favor of the Golden Dawn, ignoring, as they say members of the congregation, that they violate their spiritual role and mandate for the Christian condemnation of violence

    Here is a condemnation from a religious (Greek Orthodox) website

    Germenis is the same person who demands from reporters to stand up
    (Video with English subtitles)

    More about Chrysi Aygi (Golden Down) here:

    Anonymous #OpGreece – #OpSunBurn (part01)
    May 22, 2012

  3. Stranger says:

    The Russian Orthodox Church issued an apology for this incident:
    Russian Fascists and Orthodox Priest Side by Side
    April 20, 2012

    But the Greek Orthodox Church …

  4. Stranger says:
    Google Board of Directors: Suspend the official Greek Nazi party blogs on Blogger

    237 out of 300

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