Five EDL Scumbags From Lancashire Are Jailed

Five EDL idiots from East Lancashire have been imprisoned over their part in protest in Brierfield last year.

Their protest was described in court as being like a pack of ‘wild animals’. They attacked an Asian man, and used a car to run over another. They then descended on the home of the local MEP and terrorised his wife and children.

Ringleader and brains of the operation (I mean that in the loosest sense of the word) Bernard Holmes has been jailed for 18 months for his role in co-ordinating the protest. He will also receive a 5 year ASBO that prevents him from organising similar events.

His fellow knuckle draggers, Leonard Hawley, 47, of Worcester Road, Blackburn, Jason Smith, 43, formerly of Burnley but now of Hollinge Road, Todmorden, David Wilson, 47,of Devon Road, Blackburn, who admitted the same offence, were each jailed for 37 weeks.

David Garratt, 45, of Beckett Street, Darwen, who confessed to possession of an offensive weapon, was jailed for 47 weeks.

Six other boneheads from East Lancashire were given suspended prison sentences, after admitting using threatening behaviour as part of the same incident.

Yesterday, Bernard Holmes was complaining about other criminals walking free with poxy sentences.

Says the man who served less than half his sentence for an assault that was so severe it left his victim with serious brain damage.

As to be expected, the EDL and associated morons new the whole thing was a ‘stitch up’ from the start.

5 Responses to “Five EDL Scumbags From Lancashire Are Jailed”
  1. Muslims stared the trouble prick. Islam is cancer and cancer is Islam. However, we know who lot: your faces, names and addresses. ( YOUR DEAD)

  2. All the muslim paedophiles have been pleading not guilty for example those from Rochdale and those who are up in Burnley. However, every single one of them are guilty but trying everything to get off. The Rochdale lot have had a good kicking in side and the Burnley lot are due for it before and when they do go down. (MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE SCUM)

    • LiverAF2012 says:

      so no response to what I said about the Blackburn lot being guilty, because they PLEADED guilty??? so therefore no injustice???

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