Conservative Candidate Makes Death Threats Against Liverpool Anti-Fascists

The gentleman in the picture above is Richard Brodowski. Originally from Bradford, he currently resides in Blackpool and is active within far-right circles.

In 2011 Brodowski stood as a Conservative Party Candidate in the Squires Gate district of Blackpool.

He has apparently at one time or another been an Anarchist, a member of the Socialist Workers Party, the Anti-Nazi League, the National Front, and is currently with the BNP.

Mr Brodowski started posting vile comments on the LiverAF blog early this year. To say he is not the sharpest tool in the box is an understatement. Brodowski clearly does not realise that he has a static IP address, and regardless of however many names and email  accounts he posts under we are well aware that it is the same person.

Yesterday Brodowski posted the following threatening statement on the comments section of a blog post.

For future reference Richard, do not post threats of that nature from a static IP address! Only a complete idiot would do that. Especially when you say that you work for the Prison Service

Whilst not being very bright, Mr Brodowski certainly has a sense of humour

Mr Brodowski remarked that “you are on redwatch”

Irony of ironies, within a week it was actually Richard Brodowski who had his pictures posted on Redwatch, along with his address and telephone numbers.

He appears to be persona non-grata with many on the far-right due to his previous activities.

Nick Griffin however, is fine with him. He recently tweeted that Richard had “woken up”.

Thanks for the lulz Richard


Since this was posted, Richard Brodowski has responded in his own inimitable fashion:

122 Responses to “Conservative Candidate Makes Death Threats Against Liverpool Anti-Fascists”
  1. Gerry Fable I now have people asking around about who you are because nobody seems to know you. However, some of us have seen your facebook page of you slaging off the BNP and the EDL. I know that BNP will not have anything to do with C18. So you must be part of the drop outs that nobody wants. You may have been part of something forgetting the days that have long gone that I and many would not have wanted to be part of. If Karen Downs and Jenny ever meet you both will tell you what they think about you. (YOU CAN SHOUT ALL YOU WANT YOU HAVE LOST)

  2. How did Marie Stephenson get her degree. She was a stupied women from Halifax who woud these days have been excluded for plagiarism just like other socialists. However, last I heard, she got sacked from working for Bradford Council for not paying any council tax for 4 years. Is she now a street piss head,

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      Richard, what on earth are you talking about? I don’t know Marie Stephenson, I am not from Halifax!

  3. Your getting smaller do you have meetings in telephone boxes. First time I went to Liverpool you had reds from all over the Country. Only a handful of us from the North West outnumbered you. The second time you only had five demonstrators. Patriotism is growing Socialism is dying. Love ST George.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      for about the tenth time Richard, you have failed to answer the question that was asked of you

  4. Gerry Fable says:

    Richard won’t answer my allegations for the simple reason that he has got something to hide. Why else would he avoid the simple question of YES or NO? If he was innocent he would want to deny these allegations, surely?

    Richard did indeed make friends with a young 16-year-old BNP supporter called ‘Jimmy.’ Brodowski was aged about 35 at the time. Jimmy went along with the ‘friendship’ because Brodowski is a gossip, and would let slip all kinds of information about former comrades. Of course, being the retard that he is, Richard also let slip information incriminating himself.

    He confessed to Jimmy that he went ‘cottaging’ in Peel Park, Bradford. Where he picked up a young lad, only for the youth to tell Brodowski that he was under aged, after they finished having sex. Brodowski told Jimmy about this encounter, and he was very worried about the police finding out.

    Now Brodowski may not have intentionally picked up an under age boy for sex. But as a fully grown man of 35, questions have to be asked why he sought sex with teenage youths in public places where children play?

    It is also possible, as Jimmy suggested, that Brodowski ‘invented’ this incident about a 15-year-old boy to test Jimmy’s reaction. Because it was obvious that Richard had designs on Jimmy. Who was 16 at the time.

    Richard Brodowski was notorious for ‘cottaging’ in Peel Park. It was a well-known fact that he did this most days. I lost count the number of times people mentioned this to me.

  5. For the last and final time your politics is against democracy and should be made illegal. I will not look at your website again, I don’t know why you have it, because nobody even looks at it and even better nobody would look for it. (YOUR ALL LOSERS)

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      Hi Richard, our politics is against democracy so it should be banned? only a complete imbecile could fail to see the stupidity of such a remark. You will not look at the website again? blimey Richard, you have said that on many many occasions yet you keep coming back. No one looks at it? Well, I know for a fact that you look at it at least ten times each day, and in June it had 44,000 visitors, so someone must be looking at it….dickhead

  6. Gerry Fable says:

    Richard’s appearance on the Kilroy show was classic comedy gold. It went something like this….

    Richard Brodowski:
    I was once a rent boy, you know

    Did you make any serious money from this?

    Richard Brodowski:
    Oh yes. I did really well. The hours were good and I managed to earn over £400.10 in one week

    Four hundred pounds and ten pence? Who gave you the ten pence?

    Richard Brodowski:
    All of them. I made bloody made sure of that.

  7. Gerry Fable is just a nutter, I am angry because Iyad Albattikh and Mohammed Reveshi got away with what they did to Charlene Downs. Iyad Albattikhi raped and murdered her and reveshi helped dispose of her body. Those two scum had got £300,000 componsation each for spending two and half years on remand. Now those two evil men are getting on with their lifes as if they are innocent. If they was to be a retrial and they were sent to jail for ever or some professionals were to kill them that I would feel happy about it.

  8. Gerry Fable says:

    The fact that Richard Brodowski represents the Downs’ family is a very sad indictment of our society. That no-one else, other than a former rent boy and ‘cottager’, would help them find justice is shameful. Whoever raped and killed Charlene Downs deserves life in prison at the very least. But to have someone as depraved and degenerate as you, as a family spokesman, is both a travesty and a farce.

    Charlene Downs deserves someone much better than you. I am sure if the Downs’ family were aware of your past, they wouldn’t touch you with a bargepole.

    This is why I decided to ‘out’ you. I found it sickening that you could campaign on such an issue, when you yourself have had sex with an under aged boy, and attempted to groom another young lad. How many more have you attempted to groom, or have had sex with?

    You may not be a rapist or a murderer. But you are a sexual predator. That is why you are unfit to represent the Charlene Downs’ family.

  9. Fable you better be able to back yourself up I have found out where to find you who you are and where I can find you alone. Or do I do something to Kev, when I see him.

  10. Fable must have run out of GAS.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      Either that or, I only approved your last comment 30 minutes ago so has not been visible on the page for long

  11. Gerry Fable says:

    “Fable you better be able to back yourself up I have found out where to find you who you are and where I can find you alone. Or do I do something to Kev, when I see him.”

    Oh dear, I better put a cork in my bottom…..

    Brodowski. You are a deluded imbecile. Appleyard once tried and failed to beat me up, so what chance have you got? None! A mob of eight ‘1 in 12 club’ anarchists once attacked me and they couldn’t wait to get away. So don’t be a silly boy, Richard. I would hammer you in a fight. Apart from that, I don’t fight girls!

    You see Richard, you clearly have issues, always going on about violence. But have you ever had a fist fight? (I’m not talking about ‘fisting’ here. That doesn’t count.)

    I shall tell you who I am. My name is Jamie W. Do you remember me?

  12. What you are involved with, the BNP and the EDL don’t like you. If you try to disrupt me speaking at demonstrations, The crowd will go at you and the police will have to move you. Don’t try to come to where I live because you will be well done. I don’t want to talk to you anymore because your not worth it. The Downs family love me, I am very cose to the family and the is nothing you can do about it. So if I was you I would stay clear and you can put whatever you like on this website from now on I will ignore you and rise above it.

  13. Gerry Fable says:

    Has the name Jimmy W got you all in a panic? I wonder why? Nonce!

  14. Gerry Fable says:

    Don’t worry, I have no intentions of going over to Blackpool and kicking your ‘back door’ in. No thank you.

  15. No Jimmy or jamie wanker has not got me in a panic and your a nonce. I have just found out what you have been in prison for which I have not got a criminal record like yours. So you can be done for defamation of charactor for the last time back off because a private detective is watching your moves.

  16. Gerry Fable says:

    Did you make friends with a 16-year-old BNP supporter called ‘Jimmy W’ in Bradford some 12 years ago? Furthermore, why did you want to be best pals with him? A boy almost 20 years your junior?

    YES or NO?

    Refusal to answer this straight forward question proves you are a nonce. So answer it.

  17. Gerry Fable says:

    Answer the above question and I will stop posting messages. Agreed?

  18. Gerry Fable says:

    Why are we waiting?

  19. Gerry Fable says:

    Sweet memories of those happy days, Richard?

  20. Gerry Fable says:

    Richard is obviously not going to reply to my question about his friendship with young Jimmy. So I shall refrain from posting any more messages. Readers can make up their own mind why Richard has decided to play the ‘fifth amendment’. I, for one, have told the truth.

    A few pictures of some familiar haunts of our ‘cottager’ friend, Brodowski.

  21. Gerry fable are you a red fucking me about answer me this and I will give you a honest answer.

    • Gerry Fable says:

      No. I am not a red. I am a nationalist who used to work in Peel Park as a grass cutter.

  22. Gerry Fable says:

    No. I am not a red. I am a nationalist who used to work in Peel Park has a grass cutter.

    Spelling correction!

  23. Of all the possible directions this conversation could take, I was not expecting it to end up with a white supremacist posting Motown videos. Amazing.

  24. No I was not intersted in Jimmy for what allegation your making and I have never had sex with anbody underage. Jimmy Used to give me information about Appleyard then Appleyard started going round saying Jimmy was gay which I know and respect the fact that he was not. He once told me he was not speaking to kevin Watmough anymore because watmough had him evicted. I was not left wing for 30 years, I was once played along with it during my student days. I had a big argument with them all afterwards because I supported Tony Martin the farmer because he was well in his rights to shoot those two thieving low life scum. I noticed you have put some Yorkshire reds on redwatch unknown. I could give you their names think about it. However, I am seeing somebody on next friday to get information about Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi and hopefully it will become more towards getting a retrial. If I was a nonce I would not be doing this, please don’t let things mess up.

  25. Gerry Fable says:

    Re: “Of all the possible directions this conversation could take, I was not expecting it to end up with a white supremacist posting Motown videos. Amazing.”

    I take it then creativity isn’t your strong point?

    I am not a white supremacist. I am a white nationalist.

  26. Gerry Fable says:

    Well, at least you have now admitted to striking up a friendship with Jimmy. You took your time.

    I don’t have anything to do with Redwatch. Furthermore, I don’t care too much about the identity of reds. If they don’t bother me, I don’t bother them!

    Well, the allegations I posted on here came from Jimmy’s own mouth. So either he was telling lies, or you are being economical with the truth?

    I am not knocking you for your campaigning in Blackpool. But with your baggage, (at the very least you have admitted to being a former rent boy on television,) I don’t believe you make a good family spokesperson.

    As promised, I will now stop posting messages about you.

  27. Thank you and everybody should fight against muslim grooming gangs. Matter now closed.

  28. Thank you. Everybody should fight against those muslim paedophiles.

  29. Thanks Justice for Charlene

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