EDL Bonehead Admits to Attacking Anti-Jubilee Protester with a Firework

A THUG has admitted throwing a firecracker during fierce clashes after English Defence League supporters stormed an anti-Jubilee rally.

Anthony Crawford hurled a firecracker into a group of demonstrators at Greys Monument in Newcastle on June 4, 2012.

The 22-year-old, of Elmway, Chester-le-Street, Durham, pleaded guilty to the offences at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Thursday, June 28.

An 18-year-old man was taken to Newcastle Freeman Hospital for treatment to burns suffered when the explosive hit his face and landed in his hood.

He was with friends at a “Stuff The Jubilee Party” which was organised on Facebook and due to start at midday.

Members of the EDL carrying banners arrived shortly beforehand. A line of around 25 officers separated the two groups.

A 45-year-old-man from South Tyneside was also arrested on suspicion of affray and was bailed pending further enquiries.

Crawford will be sentenced on July 4.

Reproduced via – http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/evening-chronicle-news/2012/06/28/edl-supporter-anthony-crawford-admits-hurling-firework-at-anti-jubilee-protestors-61634-31282136/

2 Responses to “EDL Bonehead Admits to Attacking Anti-Jubilee Protester with a Firework”
  1. Diarmuid says:

    fascists need to be attacked as soon as they congregate, if possible (twenty-five police should not have been able to prevent this).and again as they disperse. These lessons were learned long ago.

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