EDL Bristol March Organiser Photographed Giving Nazi Salute at Bradford Demo

Anybody who knows a little about the English Defence League knows that their claims to be merely against “Islamic extremism” is just a front for their deeper, more sinister agenda. While the EDL may claim to be non-racist and anti-fascist, the core of their movement is made up of fascists and Nazi sympathizers. One example of this is Mickey Bayliss. Mickey recently appeared in the local rag, The Post, presenting himself as a friendly face of the English Defence League. Mickey Bayliss identified himself as one of the organisers of the Bristol demo to take place on Saturday July 14th. Like most people involved in the EDL, Mickey claims that the organisation isn’t racist or homophobic and claims that “any racist chanting, would be identified and reported to the police.”

A quick online search of Mickey Bayliss’s moniker (the oh-so original Mickey English Bayliss) brings you straight to this page (http://edlnews.co.uk/index.php/featured-stories/edl-nazis/310-mickey-english-bayliss) where Mickey’s Nazi saluting photo is presented along with a host of other information.

Mickey Bayliss may be an extreme case of fascism within the English Defence League but if the so-called organiser of the Bristol EDL demo has been photographed giving Nazi salutes at previous demos, what strength does that give to his claims that the EDL are a non-racist, anti-fascist organisation? If Mickey Bayliss is claiming that he will report all “rogue elements” within the march to the Police then he should start with himself! It is up to all of us to oppose the English Defence League when they come to Bristol on July 14th! Bristol Anti-Fascists has already put out a call-out for people to oppose the EDL:

Reproduced via – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2012/07/497588.html

2 Responses to “EDL Bristol March Organiser Photographed Giving Nazi Salute at Bradford Demo”
  1. B31 Antifascist says:

    I havent forgotten their second little visit to Birmingham with the well-publicised photo of the skinhead siegheiling outside the bus National Express so kindly provided for them, in association with West Midlands Police.

    Or Portland Street in central Manchester…the crowds of fascists siegheiling was there for all of us to see. Its on YT. They think we haven’t got eyes in our little bonces or we’re all amnesiacs, or both…..

  2. Mark says:

    You do know thats not Mickey Bayliss…….

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