BNP National Organiser faces jail for chasing children with knives

A BNP activist and former teacher could be jailed for driving in pursuit of three boys on bikes who he believed had been cheeky.

The warning was made to Adam Walker after he admitted dangerous driving following the incident involving three 11-year-old boys in the wake of a St George’s Day march in Spennymoor, County Durham, last year.

Walker, 43, is said to have driven his Land Rover 4×4 vehicle over Tudhoe village green, near Spennymoor, behind one of the boys who was fleeing on his bike.

It followed an earlier verbal confrontation when the boys were ticked off over their use of a bouncy castle outside a pub.

Following the pursuit, all three boys fled into a house for refuge before Walker slashed the tyres on their abandoned bikes with a craft knife.

He then drove away and was arrested back at the pub, the Green Tree in Tudhoe, an hour later, when he denied involvement.

Walker was subsequently charged with dangerous driving, affray, possessing a bladed article and three counts of criminal damage.

He previously admitted possessing the knife and the three charges of damaging the bike tyres, but he denied the driving and affray allegations.

The case was adjourned for a trial scheduled to start at Durham Crown Court yesterday, where he changed his plea to guilty to dangerous driving.

Walker continued to deny affray, but admitted the lesser public order charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour.

Prosecuting barrister Amanda Rippon said the Crown could accept those pleas.

Mr Morgan asked for background reports to be prepared on Walker by the Probation Service prior to sentence.

Recorder Simon Phillips agreed but said, given the dangerous driving admission, he was minded to impose an interim driving disqualification.

Mr Morgan asked for Walker, of Winchester Court, Spennymoor, to be allowed to continue to drive until the day he is sentenced.

“He conducts driving duties for a member of the European Parliament,” he said.

“His fairly extensive duties extend to driving people, delivering equipment and assisting with visits by that member of European parliament to visit people.

“No arrangements have been made for alternatives to be put in place.”

But Recorder Phillips refused the request. He set a provisional date for sentence of August 13 and bailed Walker.

However, he told him: “In adjourning I make it plain all sentencing options remain open, including custody.”

The exact length of the driving disqualification will also be set at sentence.

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  1. That what is on this page is illegal Mr walker knows about this.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      As I have already pointed out, there is nothing on the page about you that is remotely illegal. Not even your address (I took that down at your request). Get it into your fucking thick skull Richard, the document I posted up was your election nomination form. Such forms are already in the public domain. I could have got it from wikipedia, or from Blackpool council website.
      If you are not happy about your details being online then you should have read the small print before standing for election dick-head.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      Who is Mr Walker??

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