Hackers take down BNP leader’s website

Members allegedly from the internet activist group Anonymous have taken down websites of far-right organisations after twice targeting the British People’s Party and the Ku Klux Kan’s websites in the last week.

In a message posted online they said:

“The government has failed to take action against people, organisations and websites promoting racial hatred”.

One of the main hackers told Blottr the attack would commence late last night. Last week numerous white supremacy websites were taken down with British People’s Party suffering the worst outage on their site for around 6 hours.

However hackers have specifically identified British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s website as one of their main targets. His website was down for around 3 hours yesterday. Another KKK website was also hacked whilst a White Supramacy website also fell victim.

They had decided not to name all targets in advance to prevent sites taking pre-emotive measures.

Reproduced via – http://www.blottr.com/breaking-news/hackers-take-down-bnp-leaders-website

One Response to “Hackers take down BNP leader’s website”
  1. tommetzger says:

    Same old sillyness. Go after your big enemies in power and many on the right may follow.

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