‘Top-Shop’ Now Selling Clothes with Nazi Insignia

Not content with just being tax cheats, Top-Shop is stocking clothes that incorporate Nazi insignia (Deaths Head Skull).

“The “Death’s Head” was the symbol of the SS-Totenkopfverbande (one of the original three branches of the SS, along with the Algemeine SS and the Waffen SS), whose purpose was to guard the concentration camps. Most of the original members of this organization were later transferred into and became the core of a Waffen SS division, the Death’s Head Division. The symbol is most often seen as a tattoo.”

It is astonishing that a company owned by a Jewish Businessman would sell products that contain the logo of  an SS platoon that guarded concentration camps.

Feel free to register a complaint with Top Shop Here, or you can give them a call (numbers here)

and let them know what you think via their facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/Topshop


TOPSHOPIt has come to our attention that a T-shirt that we had in stock up until earlier today featured a skull and cross bone design which has upsetting historic connotations and references. It is not our intention to cause offence through our collections and it has now been removed from all stores as well as Topshop.com. We apologise for any distress felt by our customers.
7 Responses to “‘Top-Shop’ Now Selling Clothes with Nazi Insignia”
  1. John turner says:

    Mr green, as the owner of this buisiness, are you actually aware of these t-shirts your shops are selling. Or have you made so much money that you have forgotten who you are.

  2. Rudi says:

    The only thing criminal here is that price 22 quid for a slayer tshirt fuck that.

  3. tommetzger says:

    Oh my run for the hills the Nazis are coming. What will we do ?where will we hide? Meanwhile the super corporates,banking and military industrial complex feels no sting at all.

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