Fascist Students Plan to Organise on University of Liverpool Campus

We recently came across the website of a group called the “National Culturists”. It is generally a well presented and professional looking site, full of reasonable, liberal sounding language about nationalism and the like.

My initial thoughts on the group were they are plotting a similar path to the English Democrats, or the British Freedom Party. They are not on the surface, overtly far-right, but when you scratch beneath the surface all becomes clear.

A quick look at the ‘meet the team’ page reveals the identity of the ‘Chairman’. His name is Jack Buckby. He originates from Skelmersdale and is a politics student at the University of Liverpool. The title of ‘Chairman’ being associated with a group made up of  a handful of people seems a tad grandiose. However, grandiosity is the least of Mr Buckby’s problems.

The speed that the National Culturists have grown in terms of internet presence, blog views, and twitter followers etc., is matched only by the speed that Buckby has been deleting the many faux-pas he had made via the internet, that show the real Jack Buckby, and that would possibly impede the growth of his group.

Things like, Well-presented websites, liberal language, articulate speeches, comedy ties, cravats, and retro facial hair, does not hide what he really is. Jack Buckby is a nasty, racist, homophobe, who is using the ‘National Culturist’ brand to push his own fascist ambitions.

If you take the time to look through the website, watch the YouTube clips, read his comments, read his blog, follow them on twitter, and generally look around the internet, you will not fail to see exactly what he is all about.

The National Culturists are planning a big recruitment drive at the University of Liverpool Fresher’s week in September. They have already started posting on the Facebook event page, again, trying to appear moderate, hiding their real views. Also, Buckby intends on setting up a society, and inviting guest speakers.

We believe that it is important that the students at the University of Liverpool know exactly who Jack Buckby is, and what he and his acolytes are really about. We will also be around at Fresher’s week to let people know the truth.

Whilst in the short term we may be giving these clowns more publicity than they deserve, it is important that people are aware of what they are about and represent, before they gain any kind of foothold.

We hope students at the University of Liverpool make it clear to Buckby et al that they are not welcome!

Here are some links to Buckby / National Culturist sites / pages.

Nationalist Culturist website

Personal blog 1

Personal blog 2

Youtube Channel 1

Youtube Channel 2

Twitter Account 1

Twitter Account 2

Bits and pieces –

Jack at a BNP demo in Liverpool last month

35 Responses to “Fascist Students Plan to Organise on University of Liverpool Campus”
  1. Thanks for the publicity, but we’re anything but fascist, racist and homophobic.
    The National Culturists are here to promote culture and freedom, and to oppose the kind of fascism that ‘Liverpool antifascists’ promote.
    We hate racism – in fact, we intend to campaign against racism and promoting the importance of identity.
    We also oppose homophobia and have gay members.

    • AntifaOnTheRise says:

      That’s why you’re pictured here with Nick Griffin is it? If I was you in that situation I would of been using that hand you’re using to shake his slimy racist hand to repeatedly punch him in the face with!
      You can claim you are not racist or homophobic but you cant hide the fact you were at the BNP demo last month and you have personally met Nick Griffin and look like you wholeheartedly enjoyed his company!
      I would love to know what “fascist” things Liverpool Anti-Fascists get up to, prey tell dear Watson? I know otherwise anyway, but go on, do tell us chap!
      There is nothing fascist about opposing fascist ideologies or fascist groups like yours and the BNP/ NF/ EDL/ C18/ CXF etc etc!
      You have not got a leg to stand on in Liverpool, your group will be protested, your “future members” will be schooled about your fascist ideologies before you can persuade them to join your group and you will not get away from the fact you have been seen at BNP demos and there is photographic evidence of it all!
      You can cry about it all you want, we know the under lying truth about National Culturists!

  2. C Glover says:

    A quick comment, I am not racist or homophobic so to generalise someone who agrees with the national culturist views as racist and homophobic is derogatory, disrespectful and deluded generalisation. I personally would not join a group that doesn’t accept all races, religions and beliefs, So your generalisation of the members of the National Culturists all being right wing fascist fanatics has just been blown out the window, everybody remember is also entitled to freedom of speech, which I believe the ‘anti fascists’ campaign directly for. So your arguments against the NC have just, in my opinion, been thrown directly down the drain, rant over

  3. malatesta says:

    is this the best they can come up with these days? what a loser.

  4. Wavertree Warrior says:

    Do National Culturists seriously claim that they’re not racist? Not only are they racist they’re seriously deluded too.

    According to a recent blog post:-

    > All Islamic institutions and influences in Britain, including all mosques and the selling of halal meat, should be outlawed.
    > British culture is declining to nearly nothing.
    > Islam and Britain are fundamentally incompatible for a number of (strangely unexplained) reasons
    > Britain is being colonised by Muslims
    > The Muslim birthrate is so much greater than that of indigenous British people that in a matter of decades Muslims will become the majority
    > Islam is not a religion of peace
    > Social services should perform regular checks on Muslim families
    > Reintroduce the death penalty (hanging) for honour killings (but only the Muslim ones)
    > Muslim pedophiles (yes, only Muslim ones) should be hung
    > Muslims who beat their children in the name of religion should be sent back to their land of ethnic origin (how can they be sent back if they were never there in the first place? and why stay silent about Christians who beat their children in the name of religion?)

    And here’s the best one…!
    > The National Culturists promote these views in the name of equality.


  5. goatamongsheep says:

    If Liverpool Guild of Students have a No Platform policy then these scum should fall foul of it, if the guild do their job. If they don’t have a No Platform policy then they need to call an EGM in order to implement one, simple as.

    Meanwhile it’s up to antifascist activists to organise to kick these vile scum off campus.

    • spanner says:

      The guild does not, although it recently no platformed the front using a “safe spaces” policy (controversial on campus to say the least).

      • goatamongsheep says:

        So IMO number one priority for Liverpool antifascist students in the new academic year is to get a motion at the next AGM (or push for an EGM if there is enough momentum) to get the Guild to implement a No Platform policy (but be ready to counter-argue with idiots whom moan about restrictions of “freedom of speech”, and be aware the fash will probably try and get it revoked so it needed to be defended once implemented). Until then, use whatever means necessary to kept the fash off campus.

        • spanner says:

          Unfortunately, we don’t have a proper AGM. The nearest we get are “forums” in which we can raise the issue, take a vote of who is there (20 members max normally) and then it goes to student council and then onto the board of trustees. The chances of no platform getting through all that are not great.

  6. We’ve just hired a legal team to deal with this slander. Expect contact.

    • V says:

      Yeah, I doubt you’ve hired anyone, you don’t really have a case for libel.

      This article has not caused you defamation, as you yourself posted at the very beginning of the comments that this article has raised your profile.

      Furthermore, you can’t actually prove damages that you have received, and unfortunately for you, this website has the right to express an opinion on you, just as the entire media and thousands of bloggers daily do, especially round politics, not to mention the opinions you constantly share on your website and extensively on the internet in various places,(which may I mention dices rather closely to inciting religious hatred if you want to start that one).

      If you can’t even take a blog post criticising you, then you’re either naive, as you must know full well what you’re letting yourself in with the general population, or unsuitable for the arena of politics because this comes with the territory.

      You’re a bunch of teenagers with a paypal and a group that’s been going for a few weeks. Quiet down. You’re getting ahead of yourself.

      • We have people arranged to assist us and we are not a ‘bunch of teenagers’. We have a large team behind this project.

        We will not accept libelous comments and will not accept threatening behaviour – and whilst we recognise your right to exist and express opinion, libel is libel and you’re treading on dangerous ground.

        • Maithiu Dubh says:

          so is it slander or libel then?? make your minds up? your will not accept threatening behaviour? where have you been threatened?

        • V says:

          Your future will be short and expensive as an organisation if you intend on bringing legal action on every comment you don’t like.

  7. Martin King says:

    Oh good old Antifa, If you don’t agee with them you ar a nazi. Freedom of speech only exists for them to use in there opinion.They have double standards with everything they do. Makes me sick. I Have no issues with anyone who isn’t white or straight, Just you lot.

  8. Anything that is strictly untrue and goes against what we suggest should be taken down in order to avoid problems. We are happy for you to keep the article up, as you oppose us and its your right – but claiming that we are racist and homophobic, amongst other ‘neo nazi’ slurs is unlawful slander.

    • V says:

      Wonderful how you’ve gotten your knickers in a twist over “neo-nazi” slurs from someone who doesn’t think racial slurs are particularly wrong.

    • Luther Pissett says:

      im going to drown you in a var of piss

    • Wavertree Warrior says:

      Hi Jack.

      Just wondering if my reply above is libellous.


      Wavertree Warrior

      • Wavertree Warrior says:

        No reply… That makes me sad. I was hoping to receive a letter from your legal team. Now I’ll have to find something else to laugh at.

  9. Charlie Watt says:

    I’ve seen this bumbling, inarticulate fuckwit on youtube before, claiming that gay people do have the right to get married, just to members of opposite sex (slow hand clap.) If the best man for a job is this stuttering nugget, with his human league jackets, shite harido and worse patter, I don’t see national culturalism taking off.

    • Stavrogin says:

      You’re right. He is clueless and has no chance of endearing anyone with a modicum of sanity or intelligence. You should see the rubbish he posts on his Tumblr account, which is unfortunately not linked to in the main text of this blog post. The following post is just hilarious – a total betrayal of the paper-thin cowardice of his disingenuous “culturism” and “it’s not about race, it’s about Islam!” excuses:


      “I’m a Nationalist but I’m not into skinhead stuff or anything. I’m into the odd bit of English folk, but that’s about it. I mostly listen to avant garde rock and weird stuff.
      If you’re right wing then you’d probably be upset to see the state of England today. It’s nothing like it used to be. It’s a brown, multicultural and Islamic hellhole. It really makes me sad.”

      What a load of crap.

      On the one hand, he pretends that his programme is about the preservation of British “national culture”. On the other, he admits that his interest in that culture is superficial at best (“the odd bit of English folk”), and he spends most of his time listening to Yoko Ono instead (an Asian feminist whose music stands in opposition to the traditional patriarchal values the “National Culturists” stand for – how is “radical Islam” a greater threat to his reactionary beliefs than Yoko Ono’s anti-racist radical feminism?). He doesn’t give a shit about what he claims to be defending. He exists in opposition to The Other, plain and simple, even though The Other is the source of his preferred culture…

      “Avant garde rock and weird stuff” sounds more like the product of multicultural cosmopolitanism than “national culturism” to me. Perhaps Buckby should take a trip to the Café OTO in Dalston to listen to some of his beloved “weird stuff”. I can’t picture him attending a Liverpool Philharmonic performance of an English composer like Elgar or Holst. His conception of “British culture” is nothing more than pathetic lip service to Christianity (even though he is not a Christian), rampant Islamophobia (despite his pretense that all cultures are equal), patriarchy, the bourgeois class system and British imperialism (about which he evidently knows nothing: http://singwithheartandvoice.tumblr.com/post/26790218253/black-people-going-on-about-not-being-able-to-get-over).

      I am not sure how he can simultaneously use “brown” as a pejorative while asserting that his problem is with Islam rather than race. He is either the biggest coward or the most confused and incoherent “activist” of the year. “Embarrassing” doesn’t even begin to cover it!

  10. Charlie Watt says:

    Witness the odious wee tool’s outright destruction.

  11. S says:

    He is a fan of Morvai Krisztina, an outspoken anti semite, Nick Griffin and a fair few “patriot” groups, the usual suspects. Not racist then.

    • Wavertree Warrior says:

      He wants all mosques to be closed down, and special punishments for Muslim criminals only. Not racist then.

      • Special punishments for Muslim criminals only?
        This is a common misconception from you lot. You seem to have read our literature wrong, because we want the same punishments regardless of religion or race.

        • AntifaOnTheRise says:

          If that’s the case, then why even use the word Muslim? Surely if you were not racist you wouldn’t feel the need to say Muslim this, Islam that, close all the Mosques down, send them back to their ethnic land etc etc!

        • Wavertree Warrior says:

          If you want the same punishments regardless of religion or race, why are all of your examples about only Muslims?

          “Under National Culturist proposals of bringing back the death penalty, any Muslim found guilty of an honour killing should immediately be hung.”

          This is an example of where Muslims have been singled out. Rather than saying “any *person* found guilty of an honour killing” you make a point of only mentioning Muslims. A simple change in wording from “Muslim” to “person” would prevent our ‘misconception’.

          “The National Culturist believe that muslims who beat their children in the name of religion should also be sent back to their land of ethnic origin.”

          Once again Muslims are singled out. Where’s the misconception here? Am I misreading it? Did you just forget to add what you would do to Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Jedi, or Wikka who beat their children in the name of religion?

          And here’s another question for you. I’m white and British, as are my parents and grandparents. If I were to convert to Islam and then beat my children, where would you send me back to?

          • We talked about Muslims because it was an article about Islam. Use your brain!

            And if you converted we wouldn’t want to send you anywhere. We do not promote sending anyone home.

          • Charlie Watt says:

            You are a fucking idiot. You’re clearly attempting to appear as the brains of the far right. I have no doubt you tactically reject that label in spite all of the talk of capital punishment and muslims being the nom de guerre for brown people. Non-the-less, if you want to appear as the brains, you might want to invest in some you dumb fuckin cunt.

          • Wavertree Warrior says:

            You claim not to be racist. You claim it’s all about equality. If that’s really the case then shouldn’t you be calling for all churches and religious buildings to be closed down, not just those from the Islamic religion?

            You see incapable of following logical arguments.
            “The National Culturist believe that muslims who beat their children in the name of religion should also be sent back to their land of ethnic origin.”
            Yes, it’s an article about Islam, but the mere fact that it is an article singling out Islam when none of your other articles attack any other religions, gives you away.
            Once again, why single out Muslims for special treatment and punishments, and how can you send someone ‘back’ if they’ve never been there before?

            I’m sitting here in my home in Liverpool. I go to events, read the papers, watch the news, talk to friends, buy in local shops. Maybe I’m spending my life with my eyes shut, but I fail to see your Muslim invasion, and I fail to see ANYWHERE AT ALL where my British ethnic way of life is being eroded or threatened to the point of extinction.

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