Boneheads Attack Musician & His Family at Anti-Fascist Fundraising Event in Liverpool

Tonight, an anti-fascist fundraiser gig was scheduled at the social centre in Liverpool.

Predictably, it got the attention of the local fascists. Around an hour prior to the gig starting it was noted that between ten and twenty NWI & NF vermin had been spotted in their favoured watering hole, where presumably they had a pre-match aperitif and bag of ‘beak’

Rather than go directly to the gig, they decided to stop and ‘pick people off’ as they approached the venue. They spotted a band member with his girlfriend and his father. Despite the band member, his girlfriend, and his father, having no affiliation to Liverpool Antifascists, they were viciously assaulted by up to twenty slobbering boneheads.

This is the true face of the British far-right, randomly attacking people and their families.

Regardless of fascist intimidation, the gig has gone ahead as planned, and has been a great success.

At the time of writing, the fascists have not yet reached the gig, and there are several reports of fascists being arrested.

*** Will be updated as information is received***

No Pasaran!

5 Responses to “Boneheads Attack Musician & His Family at Anti-Fascist Fundraising Event in Liverpool”
  1. Charlie Watt says:

    Get fuckin stuck intae them if they do decide to show face.

  2. Mick Myers says:

    There’s only one language they know……we used to fight fire with fire and they didn’t like it… Trotsky said “Aquaint their heads with the pavement”

  3. tommetzger says:

    This is why I left the RIGHT wing and became a leftist White separatist . Most right and most left are mickey mouse game players with almost no real conviction.

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