Debunking the Myths

Of all the smears, myths, distortions, and untruths that the far-right wheel out from time to time, there are three that are a source of particular personal irritation.

Firstly, is the case of Enoch Powell. I have seen countless stickers, posters, websites, Facebook pages, and profile pictures of Enoch with a Union Jack background, with the words, “Enoch was Right”.

When you question that vast majority of these people as to what Enoch was right about, they struggle to answer with anything more than, “He wanted them out”, or they say “Rivers of Blood speech”. Ask them what he said in the speech, and they are clueless, despite it being readily available online.

So we have thousands of people standing behind an image of Enoch Powell, yet the majority have little or no idea of what the man said or actually stood for.

Something else that the probably don’t know about Enoch is that in 1956 he was asked by a constituent about halting immigration, he passionately spoke out against doing so. They probably don’t know that when Enoch was health Minister, he ‘personally’ went to the Caribbean to recruit tens of thousands of black workers to come to the UK.

So what exactly does the far-right think he was ‘right’ about? A speech that most of them know absolutely nothing about, or was he right about being personally responsible for the immigration of thousands of black workers?

Next up is Winston Churchill. If I had a pound for every time a fascist has used the quote below (or similar) against me, then I would be a very rich man.

“The Fascists of the future will be called Anti-Fascists”

Nobody has ever produced a link or source for that quote in any of Churchill’s works, yet it is often used as some kind of ‘trump card’ against anti-fascists.

The ‘Churchill Society’ has been contacted about the quote, and they confirm categorically that Churchill never used it. To quote them exactly:

“There was absolutely no evidence anywhere of him ever saying it and so, therefore, he didn’t say it”.

However, even if he did (which he didn’t) so what? Would it be true because Churchill said so?

Lastly, Leon Trotsky and ‘racism’. Another gem that is often utilised is the allegation that Leon Trotsky created the word ‘racism’. There are many people from both sides of the argument more able to comment on whether he did or not, than I am. However, I am given to understand that there are other writers who used similar words, such as ‘racialist’ many decades before Trotsky allegedly coined the term ‘racist’, and that ‘racialist’ was included in a 1907 version of the dictionary.

However, if I for a moment accept that Leon Trotsky is responsible for the creation of the word “racist”, then so what? Are they suggesting that Trotsky invented racism? Firstly, it is just the re-working of the word ‘racialist’ but with the same definition.

Secondly, the only thing that the creation of the word “racist” is doing is giving a name to phenomena that was already in existence.

The far-right think pointing out that Trotsky invented the word means that when they attack or abuse Asian and Black people that it somehow is not ‘racist’, because ‘racist’ is a false word, created by a communist. Get a grip!

Once upon a time, there was not a word for what we now accept to be a ‘turnip’. Someone created the word ‘turnip’ to describe the aforementioned vegetable. Does that mean that Turnips didn’t exist until a name was given to them?

Phew, I am glad I have got all that off my chest.

4 Responses to “Debunking the Myths”
  1. tommetzger says:

    Don’t Hate Separate!

  2. Adam says:

    Enoch Powell may well of been responsible for large scale immigration , THis debunks the myth he was a racist. He spoke many african and Indian sub continent languages, not really the actions of a racist. When he realised the mistake of large scale immigration he spoke out against it , nit the immigrants themselves the policy of immigration. One of the biggest mistakes the left has made in this country is that it has failed to grasp the immigration issue , always associating it with racism. It has failed to see the long term social damage that mass unrestricted immigration has done to the workers of this country no matter what their ethnic background.
    Churchill only became an anti fascist when the aspirations of the Nazis started to impinge on the interests of the British Empire. He was against votes for woman and hated trade unions.

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