Liverpool Students Statement on the National Culturists

The following statement was sent to us from Students in Liverpool and their supporters.

No to ‘National Culturalists’ on our campus or in our city!

–        No to racism, sexism and homophobia on our campus and in our city!

–        No to the ‘National Culturalists‘ or similar groups at Freshers Fayre

–        The ‘National Culturalists‘ and similar groups to be denied use of the university premises or vicinity for meetings, gatherings and other such events

–        We call on Liverpool Guild of Students to refuse to allow the ‘National Culturalists‘ to form a student society, under whatever name or banner.

It has recently come to our attention that a group calling itself the ‘National Culturalists‘ is planning to attend the upcoming University of Liverpool Freshers Fayre 2012-13 in order to promote its ‘anti-egalitarian and socially conservative politics’, with the intention of setting up a student society and holding future events on or around campus.

The information on their website states that a politics student at University of Liverpool named Jack Buckby is the ‘Chairman’ of this group. While denying any accusations of racism, homophobia and sexism it quickly becomes clear that Mr Buckby and his group are not so innocuous: a picture of Mr Buckby earnestly shaking the hand of holocaust denier and British National Party (BNP) head Nick Griffin, who Mr Buckby also claims is his favourite politician, is one example.

Furthermore Mr Buckby administers two blogs and also has his own Youtube channel, the latter containing pronouncements such as ‘Gay marriage is wrong’ or ‘White people are never seen as a race that has it’s own homeland’. The blogs are equally suffused with such ideas, including the entirety of Enoch Powell’s notorious ‘rivers of blood’ speech from 1968 which stoked racial hatred and envisaged racial violence as the outcome of immigration to Britain. Mr Buckby’s assessment: ‘Enoch Powell was right’. He consistently attacks multiculturalism from the standpoint that so-called ‘race mixing’ will lead to a ‘monoculture’ and a ‘monorace’. Hardly the words of someone who claims not to be racist.

Other forays into social media such as Mr Buckby’s Twitter account (New Nationalist) contain posts such as ‘Liverpools in a right multicultural mess’ (22 May 2012) and ‘Travelling in outskirts of London. Terrible multicultural, third world slum’ (23 Jun 2012). We wonder how residents of Liverpool or London, or staff and students at our own university feel about this? Nor is it just words or empty debate, the Twitter account calls for people to attend a Liverpool British National Party demonstration (8 May 2012) at which Mr Buckby is pictured in attendance alongside those from openly racist and white supremacist groups such as the National Front and North West Infidels.

In spite of this evidence Mr Buckby claims himself and his group are anti-nazi and anti-racist. They also claim to be against ‘state fascism’, which is a give-away for anyone familiar with the adaptations of fascism, the development of the ‘New Right’, or the ideological legacy of far-right thinkers such as Alain de Benoist. The ‘National Culturalists’ adopt the position that organisations and institutions such as the BBC, schools, parliament, or universities such as our own, have succumbed to ‘Cultural Marxism’: they have been taken over by ‘liberals’ or ‘Marxists’ in order to promote values (multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality) that undermine the British state and it’s so-called ‘traditions’.

This theory of ‘Cultural Marxism’ was, alongside the vehement Islamophobia which the ‘National Culturalists’ espouse, one of the central themes of the manifesto penned by the openly fascist Anders Behring Breivik who committed the horrific bombing of a government building, and the sadistic massacre of young people attending a Labour Party youth event in Norway last July, killing 77 people. This may be the most extreme conclusion of such ideas, but it is a logical outcome. Such ideas can grow rapidly in times of crisis as we are witnessing with the Front National in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, and the emergence of far-right street movements across Europe.

We feel the promotion of these ideas on our campus and in our city goes against all the values of our university and the society we wish to live in, and their presence could leave many of our students and staff intimidated. We call on all students, staff, societies, student representatives, trade unions and faith organisations to oppose the presence of the ‘National Culturalists‘ and unite to make our campus and our city a place that accepts all regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or ability.


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