Three Birmingham Men Plotted Attack on the EDL

Three men have appeared in court accused of planning to attack members of the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, and Mohammed Hasseen, 23, all from Sparkhill in Birmingham appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged under the Terrorism Act 2006 on allegations of of preparing for an act or acts of terrorism with the intention of committing such acts.

The trio, arrested by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, face accusations that they made an improvised explosive device for plans to attack the EDL, as well obtained as other weapons, such as firearms.

They were arrested in police raids after a car that was stopped on the M1 was found to be harbouring weapons and a bomb.

The vehicle was stopped hours after an EDL demonstration had taken place in Deswbury, West Yorkshire.  

Their case has been sent to the Old Bailey. A hearing will take place on 31 July.

Four other men held as part of the investigation are still in custody.

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5 Responses to “Three Birmingham Men Plotted Attack on the EDL”
  1. Charlie Watt says:

    The reason they’ll never take over the country is because there’s about 12 of them you fucking tit. Even if their numbers did exceed the dozens (your bimonthly car park piss ups boost their numbers as it happens,) they certainly wouldn’t be stopped by ranks of football casuals and middle aged neo nazis, still shitfaced from the night before.

  2. John says:

    @ Charlie Watt. Charming language i must say . . . not sure where you get the number 12 from ?
    do you mean 12 terrorists in the whole of the UK? Do you realize what the demographics of this country will be in 20 to 30 years? I support the EDL ,i’m ” teetotal ” and dont care too much for football either except for maybe the world cup. Generaly speaking it is wrong to stereotype any group (not all muslims are terrorists etc) BUT the teachings of Islam are incompatable with western freedoms.I suspect that given a choice of life as a ‘dhimmi’ or as a free man you would be ‘getting the drinks in’ with the rest of them!

    • Charlie Watt says:

      The number 12 is hyperbole, clearly. I was pointing out the comparatively negligible numbers for groups such as MAC. There is no threat of an islamic takeover of any kind. If you’ve been suckered in by that shit then you have my pity.

  3. Stephen Burns says:

    I see you took the trouble to label the “far-right English Defence League” Though not a word about the perpetrators. I’m sure you are aware of the consequences of such acts.

    Here was an opportunity for you to show your belief in law and order. Pity you didn’t take it.

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