Greek left unites to march against the fascist Golden Dawn

Some 2,500 people marched against fascists in Nikaia, Athens, on Thursday of last week. The march saw the biggest mobilisation yet from Pakistani people. And for the first time the whole left came together.

The Communist Party, the radical left party Syriza and the anti-capitalist Antarsya each played a crucial role in calling and building the protest.

We marched on the fascist Golden Dawn’s offices and then to the police station. We do not accept that they do not know Golden Dawn is fascist.

Around 150 fascists protested in a square near our protest, and the police presence was massive. The next day police terrorised immigrants.

Fourteen local residents—all immigrants—ran to help when the fascists attacked someone’s home. But they were the ones the police arrested. Seven do not have papers—they’re still in jail.

The police refused to deal with the fascists who attacked people, saying they were too busy. We have now called an open meeting to organise the next steps against the fascists.

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