Bristol 14th July: **LIVE UPDATES**

A blog post updated live with information and pictures as they are received. If you have any info for us, please submit it via the comments section on this page, and we will add it asap.

23.48 – ****CLOSED****

23.00 – Great atmosphere at the #stopedl arrestee #solidarity demo at trinity police station. Come down if your in the area

22.25 – the place to be tonight is trinity rd solidemo or stokes croft to laugh at the edl if they come to ‘have’ st pauls #stopedl

21.52 – ed dowden of Bristol edl threatening that that what’s left of the edl in Bristol are “going to stokes croft to have it”

21.31 – Cops threatening to seize sound system at #solidarity demo outside Trinty police station. Support appreciated. Currently only dozen people

21.21 – 5ppl held inside trinity police station, folks outside with soundsystem, bring mp3’s!

21.15 – news report via Metro –

21.14 – news report –

21.12 –

20.00 – AntiFascists arrested today, still held at Trinity Road Police Station, solidarity demo outside now! bring food/music/ppl/love/rage #stopedl

19.19 – at approx 6pm a group of EDL were drinking in ‘the long bar’ and confronted by locals, riot police split it up EDL threw glasses.

19.18 – contrary to police reports some EDL still around bristol, in pubs. If we spotted ’em in our local, we’d have words. how about you?

19.17 – ironic the police kept tweeting ‘stopedl’ as they battered the people of bristol out the way to facilitate the EDL march

18.57 – kicking off in the old market –

18.25 – Timelapse video of EDL marching in Bristol

18.24  –

18.22 – Unconfirmed reports of trouble in the ‘old market’ area!

18.18 – report from the Bristol Evening Post –

18.08 – report from the BBC –

18.04 – Video of EDL group trying to break out of police lines at EDL demo in Bristol

17.58 – photo gallery –

17.57 – Cost of policing works out to around £2000 per EDL member on demo

17.56 – Bristol Indymedia –

17.55 – The Huffington Post version of events –

17.54 – The Independent version of events –

17.52 – The Guardian version of events –

17.49 – picture –

17.48 – film clip of events in Bristol –

17.38 – filth update  – All the streets in #Bristol have now been reopened and traffic flowing well. We are winding down our live updates.

17.20 – We have released a statement after today’s marches. #bristol #edl #pride #stopedl

17.08 – the filth…..We would like to praise the community of #Bristol as an eventful day of marches passes calmly. Officers will stay in the area tonight.

17.07 – #Edl nazi salutes in Bristol today… And they wonder why they’re called Nazi scum… #stopedl

17.03 –

16.59 – the filth….We are continuing to disperse the groups safely and there have been no furter incidents reported

16.58 – Stragglers from edl march by Arnolfini being subject to abuse from crowds

16.51 – EDL going home with their tails between their legs, Good riddance to bad rubbish! Doubt they’ll be back.

16.45 – Cops having to disperse small groups of antis hurling abuse at edl as they leave

16.34 – nd now being led into station side entrance. Luckily they each have a police officer holding their hands

16.33  –

16.29 – edl in kettle have reached temple meads roundabout now #stopedl

16.26 – edl chanting “there’s only one John Terry” #stopedl

16.25 – bristolimc: bristol feature – Pride in Bristol! EDL National Mobilisation Fails as Bristol Says No to… #bristol

16.23 – The #EDL coaches have now left the city…according to the filth

16.22 – edl halfway between Redcliffe Way and Temple Meads now

16.21 – picture –

16.20 – EDL moving along Redcliffe Way towards Temple Mds. Huge police.

16.18 – Anti-edl protesters have a sound system blaring drum and bass… Protest Bristol style

16.17 – filth update – nearly at the station. Proceeding as panned under escort of our officers

16.16 – groups of protestors running down Victoria Street, families getting out of their way, police after them

16.15 – Crowd running at speed away from police. Anarchist group appear to be dispersed. Heavy police presence. #EDL remain at Redcliffe Wharf

16.14 – Have had to be locked in our shop at #templemeads and shut so the#EDL cant get in

16.11 – People on route telling edl to fuck off… Lots of shouting… Cops moving people on to stop them jeering at edl

16.10 – #EDL now on route to train station.

16.09 – the filth again – The #EDL are trying to leave, elements of the extreme left wing trying to stop them leaving. We are dispersing using public order tactics.

16.08 – the filth again – The bins were not on fire. It was paper within. This has now been extinguished. Those responsible have been dispersed.

16.07 – Edl being moved out of carpark, they’re now in the road chanting “bristol is a shithole I want to go home”

16.06 – There’s another day where #EDL are shepherded out of town for their own safety. Can you drop the ‘Defence’ bit from your name now please…?

16.05 – message from the filth – We have a small group who set alight some bins. We are dealing with this robustly and will not tolerate any disorder

16.00 – Antifascist crowd pushed back to road junction at Temple Meads, chaos on the roads as the police close them down

15.59 – kicking off between antifa and cops. Flaming barricades in the streets… Quickly bypassed by cops. Missiles. Police horse charge

15.58 – Scuffles continue, police agressively pushing people back and charging with horses people screaming

15.54 – streets from redclif to the station baricaded get there now!

15.53 – All kickin of near0tm road that goes from there to redclif

15.52 – picture –!/search/%23stopedl/slideshow/photos?

15.51 – picture –!/search/%23stopedl/slideshow/photos?

15.48 – Loads of police scuffling with antifascists along Redcliffe Way, horses charged into #stopedl protesters

15.42 – LIVE STREAM –

15.41  – Cops getting aggressive as crowd chants: who protects the Nazis

15.41 – 44 Year old man arrested for assaulting a police officer. This brings the total number of arrests to seven

15.39 –

15.37 – edl back in car park by colosseum, stones being thrown between edl and antis ploice now moving antis on

15.35 – Ruckus at the colleseum edl inside

15.31 – fighting at front end of EDL marchers group as they leave – police run to contain it

15.30 – lots of pictures –

15.29 –  St mary redcliffe roundabout bodies needed now come come come #stopedl

15.28 – small Groups of antifash at redcliff round about, more would be great. police watching bu t not moving yet

15.25 – Pride in Bristol! EDL National Mobilisation Fails as Bristol Says No to Racism #stopedl

15.24 – Sixth person arrested in #Bristol City centre for failing to remove a face covering. Total arrests at six.

15.23 – Few tussles between police and EDL as they are marched off

15.19 – edl being taken back acros bridge to redcliff. time to head down there to say goodbye

15.15 – call out to line #EDL route to coaches, give them a send off and reinforce the message fascists not welcome

15.14 – Reports suggest EDL outnumbered 5:1 by #wearebristol – not even including symbolic numbers at #Bristol #Pride. Get the fuck out of our town.

15.14 – rally over EDL leaving Queen Square. #stopedl” LINE THE ROUTE! #EDL not welcome in #Bristol

15.02 As there appears to be a lull in proceeding I will take the opportunity to go downstairs and make a cup of tea. Back in 5!

14.57 – The EDL won’t have a problem in Bristol as long as they claim the racism is sarcastic. #johnterry

14.56 – One man arrested for racially aggravated public order offence this morning. He currently remains in police custody.

14.55 – loads of police trying to secure redcliff roundabout, must be preparing the way for the edl to leave in a bit

14.54 – EDL only take up around 15% of the pen the police had built for them.

14.53 – Fifth person arrested following protests in #Bristol City centre . 24 year old man taken to custody after being found on enclosed premesis

14.51 – Couple hundred EDL supporters bussed & trained in from rest of UK, thousands of Bristol residents in opposition 

14.43 – picture –

14.42 –

14.39 – EDL speaker in Queesn Sq drones on about cuts to armed forces as 1 EDL is arrested

14.37 – @ASPoliceLIVE estimate 300 #EDL, 500 antis.

14.35 – oh dear oh dear –

14.33 – picture –

14.32 – Is this the best protest sign of the day? It’s got to be in the top 5 at least!

14.31 – Police demand protestor removes a mask

14,30 – Front of the anti-EDL march as it went down Baldwin St

14.28 – This was the start of the day, 11am at the fountains

14.26 –  EDL member just called a police officer a Paki and got nicked to cheers from anti fascists!

14.25 – picture –

14.25 – stagger now underway, all 300 of them, outnumbered by police. Whose streets?

14.24 – People r hanging out by Queen’s Square entrances blocked by police. Want to know what’s happening in our sq

14.23 – Princess st now being closed, many riots vans just coming this way, police line

14.22 – picture –

14.21 – picture –

14.20 –

14.19 – edl arrest –

14.18 – picture –

14.17 – picture –

14.16 –  March shouting ‘e, e, e, edl’ to music blasted over speakers

14.15 – lol boneheads –

14.14 – #EDL now moving into Queen’s Square. We Are Bristol speeches will be starting in the next 10-15 minutes in Castle Park

14.11 – picture –

14.10 – picture –

14.09 – Police at anti #EDL demo telling demonstrators to go back into Castle Park for speeches

14.08 – BBC team in Bristol city centre reports around 250 EDL members in the city for the rally

14.07 – At least the tables have turned. Police aren’t protecting bristol from them, they’re protecting them from Bristol

14.05 – A number of BNP and SDL on Buchanan St NOW. Have set up a stall and threatened Palestinian stall.

14.02 – Sounds like the #EDL march in Bristol is underwhelming. Fewer than half the numbers expected at their #bristoldemo.

14.00 – Too long on a megaphone?? should throw away the key –

13.59 – EDL, just give up, go home, stop blighting our lives. Alternatively stick around and get smashed

13.57 – 100 antifascists kettled at NCP carpark by the Old Duke pub (Queen Charlotte St) 

13.55 – “We won’t live under sharia law” chant EDL. And they’re right. So I guess they’ll all go home happy

13.55 – One man arrested already for racially aggravated public order offence says @ASPoliceLive

13.53 – No more than 250 highly unorganised EDL, thousands of Bristol residents in opposition

13.51 – Five Edl pulled by cops by cabot circus now.

13.50 – A couple of years ago the #EDL could easily muster 2000, now they struggle to get 500. Fastest shrinking street movement

13.49 – EDL throwing stones at Police

13.48 – Not that many edl people it seemed from far away… They are now moving towards queens sq

13.47 – picture –

13.46 – more cop violence and dogs near0bridge as edl cross.2arrests

13.46 – picture –

13.40 –  bristol bridge with 1500 other anti racists….#stopedl


13.36 – Pice lines are moving into place and the #edl are moving off #stopedl

13.35 – EDL – Waiting on tommy, then we are marching (prob got his face in a bag of charlie somewhere)

13.34 – 300 #EDL at Radcliffe Wharf waiting to march

13.34 – No doubt EDL will be marched straight off train into police kettle – a PR triumph with commuters on their part – not!

13.33 – All We Are Bristol speeches will be in Castle Park not on Bristol Bridge #stopedl

13.32 – Antifa arrested. Shouts “I’m probably going to Trinity” as he is bundled into cop van

13.31 – picture –

13.30 – demo was due to head off ten minutes ago. Still in kettle #stopedl

13.29 – massive edl turnout –

13.28 – Police arrested anti-fascist person by Redcliffe Way bridge. Anti-fascists on one side, EDL on other #stopedl

13.27 – picture –

13.26 – beered-up EDL on London to Bristol train have been hassling random passengers; train driver bringing cops onto the train

13.25 – If you are going to lecture people on ‘respect’ and ‘speaking English’ make sure you can spell first: #stopedl

13.24 – pictures –

13.23 – boneheads claim at least 500 –

13.22 – Struggling for numbers in Bristol, #EDL are having to draft in people from 1983.

13.21 – lots of pics –

13.19 – Two arrested for failing to remove face coverings,

13.17 – EDL nearing Queens Sq.

13.16 – picture –

13.15 – 17 police vans with the EDL. More over in mud dock car park. They are singing lots of pro english songs. Now singing “ our streets”

13.14 – #stopedl large gathering of antifa at end of Welsh back by castle park. very large police presence. Not kettling anyone. Yet.

13.11 – picture –

13.10 – 100 antifascists kettled at NCP carpark by the Old Duke pub (Queen Charlotte St) #stopedl

13.08 – EDL penned in car park on Redcliffe Way #stopED

13.07 – stones thrown by edl at us police watching doing nothing #stopedl

13.04  – live stream –

13.00 – #UAF national officer Martin Smith arrested by pigs on the#wearebristol demo against EDL. Apparently for spending too long on the megaphon

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