Fascist and Racist Threats won’t deter Liverpool Anti-Racist / Fascist March & Rally


15TH JULY 2012

James Larkin Society

Fascist and Racist Threats won’t deter Liverpool Anti-Racist/ Fascist March & Rally

As Organiser’s of this Saturday’s March & Rally against Racism and Fascism (assemble Combermere Street, Liverpool 1pm), The James Larkin Society (JLS) is appalled and angered by the increasing threats been made against this peaceful and inclusive event by a range of fascist/racist organisations including the North West Infidels, National Front, Loyalists and football hooligans. In ever increasing racist threats against Irish Community involvement in the March, Fascists have led an internet campaign of deceit and lies claiming that this Saturday’s march is in fact an “IRA March” and more worryingly, managing to include the images of the two young child victims of the 1993 Warrington bombing,  Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry, in an effort to raise tensions and create community discord (attached)

The JLS utterly condemns these claims and views these right wing groups attempts at whipping up anti-Irish feeling and hysteria as being racially motivated, and in line with these group’s stated aims of damaging community relations, promoting violence, Nazism and extremism. We call upon members of the Liverpool public to reject these extremist and hate filled groups and to support next Saturday’s demonstration against Racism and Fascism. We want to send a clear message out that the citizens of Liverpool will not tolerate the presence of these individuals/groups on Liverpool’s streets and that the good relations between Liverpool’s diverse communities will not be shattered by thugs intent on disruption and who wish to dictate who can and cannot live peacefully in this city.

James Larkin Society.

25 Responses to “Fascist and Racist Threats won’t deter Liverpool Anti-Racist / Fascist March & Rally”
  1. Snowy says:

    You think you had it hard last time? we will smash you all to bits, NS FGAU

  2. Lolingatfash says:

    be quiet snowy, your all idiots, you think anyone whos irish is IRA. you lot cant even speak english let alone know what a real “english” person is.

  3. Fred Smith says:

    We will smash the reds and the IRA on saturday.

  4. Def says:

    “Brotherhood, Strength, and Fortitude…in the face of the angry night.”

  5. Zino says:


    The underlying problem is that while Sinn Fein and Liverpool Irish Patriots etc may well support the peace process, statements to that effect remain buried in the small-print of the LIPRFB’s website, while “the community” parades around Liverpool drawing attention to more prominent banners saying “Liverpool Remembers the Hunger Strikers” – creating the perception, in the eyes of many members of the public, that in fact that community supports the IRA. This FUCK-UP hands the EDL, NWI, CxF, BNP and NF etc an opportunity on a plate.

    In fact more Republicans were killed by other Republicans than died in the hunger-strike, but the current situation isn’t helped by LIPRFB being closely (even if historically) linked to another Republican flute band whose website still supports the Continuity IRA

    The priority for LIPRFB etc may be to use such displays to “prove” to the most violent elements in the Irish community (ie – to the psychopaths that more liberal Republicans are actually scared of) that support for the GFA is compatible with respect for the sacrifices of IRA martyrs, but that kind of public presentation, in the broader social context, completely back-fires.

    We need to focus on the issues as they affect society NOW, not continue re-hashing the political imagery that helped deliver the failures that Republicans experienced 30 years ago. A better message to communicate in this context would be to remind the public that the NWI, CxF and NF support the ideology that killed 4,000 Liverpudlians in WW2

  6. Juice Terry says:

    Given that there are two Combermere Streets in Liverpool, is there any danger of letting people which one is the assembly point?

  7. Mick Jack says:

    I now Know who Phil Dickens and Bo Mcbain is.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      so what Richard, most people already know who they are……I thought you were not posting on here again??

      • Mick Jack says:

        Why do they inform the police, when suppose to be anti police

        • Farrell Dobbs says:

          not got a clue what you are referring to, you would have to ask them

          • Mick Jack says:

            They have had four people arrested on assault charges. Thats the trouble with society today people can say stuff to you and provoke you but if you use your fist on anybody you can go to prison now is that how it should fucking be. Why don,t people just nurse their wounds, go home
            and forget about it. Thats why I cannot hit somebody because of the law.

          • JohnnyB says:

            Don’t forget they are meant to be anti police as the polce are apparantly facsist.. Also they are both anachrists. Bo is the worst, He’s so punk and left but as soon as something happens he runs to the police! LOLS

  8. Don Trotter says:

    Think of all the football firms in Liverpool tomorow against you reds. Some are already there having a night out.

  9. L8 says:

    what a joke, stupid british ppl you all need to move on in life and leave the past behind you! stupid park road heads you should be marching to the job centre for a job! gang of dole heights! proper stereo type go and spend your gigger on a night out in the wellie!

  10. Don Trotter says:

    should bring back national service, send all the reds and muslims to war and put them on the front line.

  11. Don Trotter says:

    Bo Mcbain and his scruffy mates need to think about getting some money, spend some time shopping for decent cloths. Instead of stupid demonstations getting nowhere.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      Don, (I meant Richard), you really are getting very very boring. You have said several times that you are not posting on here anymore! What happened????
      Also, decent cloths???? are you suggesting that he works in upholstery, or are you referring to ‘clothes’???

  12. Dave Green says:

    Soap and water is cheap enough and he won’t get a job looking like something the cats draged in.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      yet again ‘Richard’ you fail to answer a question. You really are fucking stupid

  13. Larkin says:

    North West Infidels, National Front, Loyalists and football hooligans. ALL BELL ENDS. I’m an outsider. I don’t follow any group. I have my own beliefs. I don’t have to join a group of violent, uneducated dick heads to get my point across.

    Good luck with your efforts JLS.

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