BNP Supporter Attacks Former Girlfriend.

Shaun Carter 

Shaun Carter

A BNP supporter has pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex partner at their home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.
Shaun Carter appeared at Kirklees Magistrates Court after he admitted assaulting Susan Purdy in the Thornhill area of Dewsbury last August.
Prosecutor Marina Hunter-Grey told the court that Carter threw a child’s toy at a window causing it to smash and attacked Susan Purdy as she played outside with her children.
She added “Miss Purdy was sitting on a rug with the children when he kicked out towards her face, with a friend pushing him away.”
Carter told Purdy ” This isn’t over and he was going to smash her face in if he ever saw her again”
He then grabbed his former partner from behind and kicked her in the back.
Shaun Carter was ordered to pay £338 for the broken window, £75 compensation and £150 costs.
Magistrates also imposed a two year restraining order which prevents Carter from contacting Susan Purdy or going to her house.

From Hope Not Hate . 16.06.12. Report by by Simon Cressy

One Response to “BNP Supporter Attacks Former Girlfriend.”
  1. tommetzger says:

    Like no leftist ever roughed up a wife or girlfriend.Its wrong either way but stick to the politics and quit nitpicking you are as bad as the right ,like kids in the sand box.

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