The most wanted Nazi war criminal arrested in Hungary

He was considered the world’s most wanted Nazi. Laszlo Csatary, was found at 97 years of age in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.Csatary is accused of complicity in the deaths of 15 700 Jews during World War II.

“I confirm that Laszlo Csatary was identified and found in Budapest,” Zuroff told reporters, adding that the British newspaper Sun was able to photograph and record information through its center brought in September 2011.

The British newspaper said Sunday on its website that the Hungarian Nazi war criminal, the world’s most wanted, “was identified and found” in Budapest.

“Ten months ago, an informant gave us elements that allowed us to locate Csatary Laszlo in Budapest. This reporter received a premium of $ 25,000 agreed to exchange information allowing to find Nazi criminals, “Zuroff told AFP by telephone.

Zuroff said that information on the whereabouts of Csatary were passed in September 2011 the prosecution of the Hungarian capital.

The deputy prosecutor of Budapest, Jenö Varga, could not confirm the information, merely declaring this Sunday: “There is an ongoing investigation. The prosecution is considering the information received. ”

In April this year, the Wiesenthal Center had placed Csatary the top of the list of most wanted war criminals in the world.

Csatary was chief of police in the ghetto of Kosice (Kassa in Hungarian and German Kaschau), located in the territory of present-day Slovakia, where 15,700 Jews were murdered or deported to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland during German occupation of the former Czechoslovakia.

He was sentenced to death in absentia in 1948 by a Czechoslovak court but mysteriously disappeared after hiding in the Canadian cities of Montreal and Toronto. Then, with a false identity, was devoted to trade objects of art.

About 15 years ago, Canadian authorities discovered his true identity and why he disappeared again, this time hiding in Hungary, Zuroff said.

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