BNP leader Nick Griffin launches protest against halal meat in Sunderland sandwich shops

Mr Griffin and members of his party are planning to take part in a demonstration against the use of halal meat in Subway sandwich shops in the city.

However, despite claiming their protest is neither politically or racially motivated, their plans were today condemned.

Tahir Khan, chairman of the multi-cultural organisation Unity, said: “Picking on religious beliefs is very evil-minded and is wrong morally. I think the BNP is just wasting its time and resources.”

As part of a day of action, they plan to congregate outside the St Luke’s Terrace Subway shop in Pallion to raise awareness about what they claim is a “barbaric” practice.

In the past, the party has taken part in similar protests in other parts of the country, including South Tyneside.

Martin Vaughan, North East BNP representative, said: “My party has campaigned for many years about the barbaric slaughter of these poor animals.

“They should not be ritually slaughtered in this country and it’s a barbaric way to kill animals.

“It’s got nothing to do with religion.It’s all about the health and safety of the animals. It’s diabolical that this is allowed in this country.”

According to Islamic law, halal meat must come from a healthy animal, the butcher must make a recitation dedicating it to God, and the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe must be cut before the blood is drained.

With non-halal meat, the animal is stunned before having its throat slit.

The BNP also plans on lobbying the RSPCA about the issue, which they claim the animal charity ignores.

But Mr Khan, chairman of Unity the multi-cultural organisation, has hit back, saying attacking religious rituals is “cruel”.

He said: “The killing of any animal can be seen as cruel but it does not give them the right to object or make an issue about someone’s religion.”

BNP chairman Griffin is expected to attend the demonstration before the group move on to Jarrow. Later tomorrow, he is due addresses a branch meeting in South Tyneside in the evening.

Northumbria Police told the Echo they were aware of the demonstration.

A spokeswoman said: “Police are aware of possible BNP activity taking place in Sunderland tomorrow and as is always the case we’re working to establish the extent and make contact with members.”

No-one from Subway was available to comment.

From the Sunderland Echo 18.07.12

Editorial. No-one at Liveraf would dream of accusing pig farmer Nick Griffin and his ‘bully beef’ boys of rank, stinking, duplicitous hypocrisy. But isn’t it strange that they only ever seem to complain about animal cruelty when there are Muslims involved?

16 Responses to “BNP leader Nick Griffin launches protest against halal meat in Sunderland sandwich shops”
  1. Mistry says:

    Over 90% of halal meat is pre-stunned in this country. No kosher meat is. Do the BNP/EDL/etc really think they’re fooling anyone with the “animal welfare” story?

  2. Simon says:

    “According to Islamic law, halal meat must come from a healthy animal, the butcher must make a recitation dedicating it to God, and the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe must be cut before the blood is drained.”

    “With non-halal meat, the animal is stunned before having its throat slit.”

    The first statement is false, all animals slaughtered the Halal way are pre-stunned in much the same way as animals slaughtered the traditional British.

    The only difference between how the animals are killed is that Halal say a prayer for the soul of the animal being killed, which when you think about it is quite sweet & sincere.

  3. I think you should check your facts and see how Halal meat is prepared before making such statements as above. Another point to consider is why non Muslims should have to eat Halal meat without their consent. Are you suggesting that “Subway” is a Muslim food outlet or is it just cheaper fot them to use Halal ?

  4. Nitty Gritty says:

    @Gary : So the issue for you, or so it appears is that in your mind, Halal meat is somehow biologically different to common ‘British’ slaughterhouse meat. Is that correct?

    • Halal meat is prepared in accordance with religious requirments for muslim consumers. There should be the option to choose what we eat, not the default Halal option, which is now happening with our supermarkets, fast food chains and airlines. There is also the method by which these animals are slaughtered which many people are offended by, which is their right in a free society.

    • JohnnyB says:

      @Nitty Gritty. Please don’t tell me your a left winger with a name like nitty gritty, Do you know what the nitty gritty was? It was when they used to tie black women to posts in america, And take turns in raping and battering them untill they died… Jesus Christ man.

      • Marmite says:

        JohnnyB. Are you sure of this? I used to lecture of the music of the American south, which meant lecturing on the system of race relations which prevailed there, since the latter exerted a considerable influence on the former. So far as I have always know and believed, nitty gritty referred to the debris left behind in slave ships, after the slaves had been landed, not to organised violence against black women.

        Sorry to sound pedantic, but there’s no point in adding to the pile of misinformation if it isn’t true.

  5. Witty Gritty says:

    @Gary does Halal meat offend your religious sensibilities?. And lets be honest here, slaughter is slaughter whether it is done according to religious custom or whether with a stun gun and a metal bolt to the brain. I am sure there are a lot more vegetarians offended by the fact they have little or no choice of menu at these ‘fast food’ stores and supermarkets, than people like you apparently offended because Gods name was used in the sacrifice.

    • You have failed to reply to the point that it should be a case of freedom of choice for the consumer. The largest supermarket chain in the UK supplies Halal ( except pork products ) as standard without marking the produce as such. Your point on the views of vegitarians is rather pointless as they would rather not see any animals used for food. In answer to your question, it is not my religious sensibilities that are offended, simply that I have seen Halal slaughter and I don’t believe that consumer outlets should be allowed to supply this produce without marking it as “Halal”. Freedom of informed choice is my point.

      • Witty Gritty says:

        Gary your point is nonsensical. Halal slaughtered meat in your supermarket is so called ‘humanely’ slaughtered after an electric shock (stunned). I have also visited British Meat slaughterhouses, I think all meat should show pictures on the label of its demise by the caring and humane meat industry. And yes you are correct in you assumption, all meat is murder including Halal, Kosha and BNP/EDL meat. But your problem is not the meat, not even the method of slaughter, but the invocation of ‘Allah’.

        • You think that my point is nonsensical, which point exactly ? Freedom of informed choice? The marking of Halal meat as such? As for your suggestion that this is an issue regarding the invocation of “Allah”, I understand this is in line with Islamic tradition and muslims wish to have their meat prepared in this way. My point is that non muslims should not be forced to eat this meat without being aware of it because major outlets are supplying it as the default option. Now what is wrong with that ?

          • Witty Gritty says:

            @GARY ..[your point] You are making out that the majority of ‘British’ meat in supermarkets IS Halal, when it patently is not. And any superrmarket CANNOT simply supply HALAL meat.

            Some simple research will cure you you of your delusion.

          • It would appear that you have failed to research this subject in any depth, I have. I suggest you go back and look at the facts on this issue. Big name companies that supply fast food, supermarkets and airlines, just to name a few outlets that provide this type of meat without informing their customers. I would also suggest you try speaking to the supermarket head offices, I have.

  6. Witty Gritty says:

    @JohhnyB .. Lol where did you get this etymology of the phrase ‘nitty gritty’ ?

  7. Reece Goldstein says:

    if you don’t want to eat halal meat then don’t fucking eat it. Nick Griffin is full of shit on his so called animal rights campaign. Always exploits anything he can if it’s even slightly linked with islam.

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