“Peaceful Patriots” Fail to Stop Anti-Fascist March in Liverpool

Today saw a march in Liverpool for ‘working class unity against racism and fascism. The march was organised by the James Larkin Society of Liverpool.

The march has been the subject of a great deal of controversy as various far-right groups have decided that it is an ‘IRA’ march, and subsequently spread misinformation and smears about the organisers and groups involved for cheap political gain.

A counter demonstration was called by various far-right groups and “peaceful patriots”.

There is little point in going over old ground, but for the record it was an anti-fascist march organised and attended by a wide range of people, from a wide range of organisations, and nothing to do with the ‘IRA’.

Members of Liverpool anti-fascists made their way to Combermere Street in Toxteth, (the birthplace of Jim Larkin) around an hour before it was due to start. We observed large numbers of boneheads from the NF, NWI, EDL, and CXF, as well as lots of assorted loyalist’s types, and football casuals, gathering nearby.

As the march started, we numbered around 250 (my estimate). The route was lined with many ‘peaceful patriots’, who threw out a constant stream of racial slurs, spat at people, threw bottles, punches, and kicks. If you had an Irish accent you were labelled as ‘IRA’ if you didn’t have an accent you were a ‘paedophile’.

It is a good thing I already knew who Bobby Sands was otherwise I would have thought he was an organiser of the march, the number of times his name was mentioned.

The number of police lining the route were enormous. There must have been at least 500 officers involved in the march itself. All police leave had been cancelled, and the courts are opening tomorrow (Sunday) to deal with all arrests from today. I witnessed five people being arrested for attempting to assault marchers. Local press reports there was a total of 26 arrests (so far)

The ‘peaceful patriots’ made numerous attempts to block the road, but all it did was slow us down.

One particularly amusing, or sad moment (depending on how you look at it) was the sight of John ‘Snowy’ Shaw. He appeared to be on his own and under the influence of something. He was questioned by several people about the welfare of his Llama’s. He slurred an unintelligible response before doing what can best be described as a Monty Python ministry of silly walks impression. Unfortunately, it was actually an attempt to remain stood upright, such was his condition, and not a ‘joke’ walk.

It was also interesting to hear so many people chanting E, E, EDL. Especially when you consider that according to the local boneheads, the EDL are not welcome in Liverpool, as they are part of a Zionist conspiracy, and their leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ is an Irish Republican (according to the NWI). It has even been suggested that the whole, ’it’s an IRA march’ ploy is designed to wind Tommy Robinson up because of his Irish heritage.

By the time we arrived for a rally at the cathedral, there were only twenty or so “peaceful patriots” who decided to stay. Presumably ‘happy hour’ must have commenced at Wetherspoon’s, because they all headed back into town.

We then listened to the usual speeches from assorted trade unionists and a particular rousing speech from a member of LiverAF.

Strangely, the Infidels are claiming that they have stopped a march for the second time in six months. I am not sure what march they went to, but they didn’t stop ours!

The fascists can claim victory as much as they want. They said they would stop us marching. They failed! Out of the ‘peaceful patriots’, anti-fascists, and the police, it is only the police who will go home 100% happy with today. They had things pretty much sewn up from start to finish.

Big thanks to all the anti-fascists from around the country who came up to support us, it won’t be forgotten.


Another blog post of today’s events can be found here

5 Responses to ““Peaceful Patriots” Fail to Stop Anti-Fascist March in Liverpool”
  1. malatesta says:

    nice one liverAF! any pix of snowy in a state of advanced idiocy?

  2. Marmite says:

    Here’s a report from the man who didn’t make it. I arrived at the muster point at 1-30, to find that the march, which had originally been scheduled to leave at 2pm, had been forced to set off an hour early. When I arrived the place was crawling with rats, well, far right scumbags, who were being hussled out of the area by the Police. On enquiring of some of the locals, it turned out that five of these British white supremos had got themselves arrested before the march had even assembled.

    Figuring I’d got no chance of catching the march, I jumped a bus to the centre of town, hoping to intercept it somewhere in the city centre. It was little beknown to me that the rally point had been shifted to the Cathedral at the last minute. Plus, my mobile had decided to pack up, so I couldn’t call anyone on the march. The upshot was that I spent a fruitless couple of hours following the Police helicopter, which kept circling the Centre, looking for bands of msicreants.

    From my point of view then, an absolute waste of an afternoon, for which the only person to be blamed was probably me for not carrying a functioning mobile with me.

    For the rest, I’m glad to hear that the march was a qualified success, even though it seems to have been a case of ‘No pasaran’ the cathedral, and I was particularly glad to hear that 26 of these boneheads ended up being arrested.

    Just think, a dozen or so more, and the collective IQ of the detainees might have got into double figures. No, on second thoughts, it probably wouldn’t have done.

    • skim says:

      marmite i m sorry to hear you did nt have the best of days but i m sure you already know in the weeks prior to the march we were aware of the far right threats and as a result the route of the parade was not publicised or shared as not to give them any chance of forming numbers at a finish point which would of become a flashpoint . i can only apologise for the parade starting early but i m of the impression this was a descision made by the police . hope to see you at the next parade despite wat might get said we will continue to parade and wether we decide to stop at the cathedral , derby square or timbuctoo we will decide not the far right

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