Neo-Nazis Paramilitary Training in Chile

Unhindered by the authorities to carry out neo-Nazis in Chile evidently paramilitary training and attack Jewish cemeteries. This suggests video footage and photos, which published the “movement for liberation and integration of homosexuals” (MOVILH) on Thursday (local time) in Santiago. On its website informed the organization that the material had been her leaked anonymously and you have it then handed over to the Chilean secret service ANI. On the video can be seen as suspected members of the neo-Nazi group “National Order Front” (FON) are trained militarily.

While some crawl through heavily armed with barbed wire, others shout slogans like “Destroy them from the eyes, so they can see you can not show,” The photos published as uniformed activists try the organization, desecrate graves in a Jewish cemetery and posing with Hitler salute. The MOVILH asked the Secret Service to investigate the dealings of the group immediately to prevent further attacks. The homophobic activities of the extreme right in Chile in March were larger segments of the population become aware of as a neo-Nazi group the 24 year old Daniel Zamudio hours mistreated because he was gay. Zamudio died weeks later from the effects of torture. Thousands of people gave him on 30 March in Santiago on his final journey.

For many years, had pointed MOVILH and other organizations to the increase in attacks against gays and other minorities. Between 2002 and 2012 were 837 reports of violent attacks on homosexuals have become known, including 17 murders, reported in March, the online portal El Ciudadano. On Friday, had to report again MOVILH on her Facebook page about further attacks. Thus, a young woman by members of her friend was beaten up because they accept the lesbian relationship of the two would not. Last December, the organization had filed a complaint against the FON after they had distributed posters with homophobic, anti-Semitic and racist slogans. The Nazis even present themselves as a persecuted innocent. In a statement, the FON claimed on its website that “physical training” komplettiere the “ideological education” and the discipline and skills of the participants put to the test. This was the “sole purpose” of the exercises. They were neither illegal nor were the preparation for future crimes. The activists were shown in the pictures have been excluded in 2008 from the FON, because they had used the uniform of “inappropriate” and the organization “will present other than the officially fixed symbols”. At the same time on its website FON praises Adolf Hitler as a “great leader in the service of Germany.” “From the” German National Socialism or historical one has its “fundamental principles adopted.” As in many predominantly Catholic countries in Latin America is largely taboo of homosexuality in Chile. Only since 1998, same-sex love is legal as long as both partners are over 18 years old. Work on an anti-discrimination law, which is also under protection of sexual orientation remain stagnant for years in the Chilean parliament.

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