Fascist conference in Wirral

A conference of a variety of European fascists is taking place today in Wirral at this hotel- http://www.facebook.com/thorntonhallhotel

This is a picture taken earlier today. Most in the photo are well known BNP activists, also Bruno Gollnisch from the French Front National and Marc Abramsson from the Swedish far right National Democrats. Abramsson was sentenced in 2004 at the Stockholm City Court to prison for aggravated assault and rioting. Gollnisch is a convicted Holocaust denier.

Please feel free to let the hotel know what you think of them hosting fascists and holocaust deniers:

Telephone –  0151 336 3938

Fax –   0151 336 7864

Twitter – https://twitter.com/thornton_hall


Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thorntonhallhotel


4 Responses to “Fascist conference in Wirral”
  1. ChoFo says:

    Wirral Food & Drink festival are having their launch at Thornton Hall. Their FB page is here: https://www.facebook.com/wirralfoodfestival

  2. Brut says:

    Interesting that the hotel says the following on its home page:

    “The Torintone Suite is ideal for any event, Conferences for up to 650, weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Asian Weddings, Jewish Weddings and Events.”

    Looks like have just blown a lot of income from the asian and jewish wedding bookings…

  3. Martin Q says:

    I played at an event there in March, it’s right out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a five mile drive from the nearest shop, which is a petrol station. It’s almost impossible to find even with a sat nat, so they chose their venue carefully … but they’ve been found out now.

    NB – The distinction needs to be made between Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa (the guilty host) and Thornton Hall, itself, which is completely separate and has nothing to do with the hotel and venue.

  4. tommetzger says:

    Run for your lives white people are assembling. Quick we need 2 packis,2 chinese,and one negro to be legal.

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