Fascists humiliated in Glasgow

Scores of trade union activists and anti-fascist campaigners have prevented the racist BNP from holding what they described as a ‘national rally’ in Scotland.

Party leader, Nick Griffin, had been due to attend an outdoor rally in Glasgow city centre.

In the event, three members of a small, breakaway fascist group turned up.

They were confronted by more than 200 counter-protesters and following an hour-long stand-off with police, they left the area.

Speaking at a rally immediately afterwards, deputy general secretary of the Scottish TUC, Dave Moxham (pictured, below) told supporters: “Our job is to say that whenever fascists raise their heads, we will tell people – ‘you are not part of a proper democratic discourse, you are the enemies of a proper democratic discourse.’

“What they [BNP leaders] believe is that at a time of economic crisis, at a time of strife overseas, that this is their time. And they cannot believe that over the last couple of ears they have failed to get any traction in Scotland for their hatred.”

The anti-BNP rally was supported by a number of unions, including Unite, UNISON and the EIS teachers’ union.

Scottish National Party MSP Hamza Yusuf, told demonstrators: “This was a great victory for the voices of hope, the voices of tolerance, against the voices of those who try to divide us.

“We are proud of being the ‘chapati and chips city’; the city of bhangra and bagpipes.

“And from the city that invented chicket tikka masala, we say it loud and we say it clearly: ‘No Paseran!’”

reproduced via – http://union-news.co.uk/2012/07/victory-for-voices-of-hope-closes-down-bnp-rally/

7 Responses to “Fascists humiliated in Glasgow”
  1. Charlie Watt says:

    It was farcical. We clocked them setting up and within two minutes they were confronted by a mob of 200 antifa and celtic casuals. Humiliating fuck up doesn’t even begin to cover it. They’re a joke. Well done to all the folks that were out.

  2. Charlie Watt says:

    Aye, it is worth pointin out that strathclyde pigs indulged in a vomitous profiling exercise when they started letting us out of the kettle. From what I could see, they were mostly targeting the celtic boys. Demanding names, taking photos. The Glasgow AF were on hand to loudly remind them that they weren’t required to provide the cunts with details and to keep their faces covered.

  3. getintothem says:

    Reports from the Dalkeith BNP demo suggest Nick Griffin was taught some hard politics through anti-fascist direct action as he emerged from his vehicle he and his security were involved in an altercation. Around 100 local people and anti-fascist activists turned out to express their disgust at the BNP hijacking local politics. Escorted by the polis, around 30 BNP were addressed by Griffin over his PA. A bit Arrests were made and breach charges were dished out to anti-fascists who have since been released.

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