BNP chief’s terror in clash with protesters

Coward … Griffin cowers behind his security
BNP leader Nick Griffin cowers behind his security heavies — as his fanatics clashed with protesters campaigning against the Da Vinci rapist.

Hated Griffin and his cronies were accused of hijacking the move to boot sex beast Robert Greens out of their community in Dalkeith, Midlothian.

And police were forced to wade in and separate the two groups after furious residents branded smirking Griffin and his mob “fascist scum” and “Nazis”. The leader — who was spat on during the rammy — and his far-right footsoldiers were eventually forced to flee the demo where twisted Greens was recently housed after being released from prison.

But earlier warped Griffin bizarrely tried to claim that the protesters would be to blame if the rapist strikes again.

The BNP chief said: “I have three daughters myself so anyone that thinks it’s OK to house a rapist and impose this on a community is wrong.

“Someone like Greens should be in prison — or better yet — six feet under.

“I’d much rather see him living next to Alex Salmond or in posh communities where these people already think it’s fine to keep Greens in the small community of Dalkeith.”

 Police separate protesters and hated BNP cronies

Scuffle … police separate protesters and hated BNP cronies

Griffin added: “It’s a shame protesters will not walk with us. We could have gone up one side of the street, and them the other.

“I hope the people who are protesting us feel ashamed if their daughter or grand-daughter is raped next — maybe they would change their minds.” But the group were met with fury as residents ordered them to leave the town.

Rose Finlay said: “I don’t know much about the BNP, just that they are racist.

“I want the protest to be peaceful like they have before.”

Another protester added: “We don’t want people like that in our community.

“They are the kind of people who just come and cause trouble and take away from what we are actually protesting against. I’d tell them where to go.”

After the tense two-hour stand-off, Griffin and his 20-strong group were forced to leave.

They were trailed by officers from Lothian and Borders Police as they slunk off.

Last night it emerged that a 35-year-old man had been arrested in connection with an alleged breach of the peace.

Superintendent Phil O’Kane said: “The police operation was centred on keeping our communities safe.”

Far-right protesters also held a mini rally in Glasgow yesterday.

From The Sun 29.07.12. By IRINA NELSON, Crime Reporter and MELISSA CLARK .

Liveraffers will have scarcely any less contempt for the muck raking Murdoch empire than they have for the great British guru of the far right. As a consequence, we find most of what the Sun says completely ignorable. But we just could not let that photograph at the top go without reposting it. Nick Griffin wets himself? It certainly looks like it.

11 Responses to “BNP chief’s terror in clash with protesters”
  1. Mick Green says:

    You support the human rights law, political correctness and paedo scum.

  2. Mick Green says:

    You are not or do not represent the majority of people. So why don’t you shut down your website aswell as your mouths we live in a democracy.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      democracy??? so why are you telling me to close the website down and shut my mouth???? …..dickhead

  3. getintothem says:

    Wish you guys had put how Griffin not only bullshitted out of his previous claim of bringing 200 nationalists to Glasgow. He ran away to a small town like Dalkeith expecting to be able to hide from anti-fascist activists but STILL had to shit himself publicly because the entire world despises bullshitting cowards of his ilk.

    Also how are anti-fascists supporting paedo scum? It is quite clear in the main picture that Griffin’s bodyguards is carrying a Werther’s Original or similar hard boiled sweeet. A true sign of playground haunting paedophilia.

  4. skank77 says:

    well done Dalkeith straight in at Griffin’s bodyguards!! The fat bloated steroided bastard in the blue track suit top is well known as BNP head of security, and fancies himself quite a bit (when he’s not filming porn movies of his wife and posting it on line) What a fucking vile specimen to be any where near a demo against a sexual pervert……

  5. tommetzger says:

    White workers quarrel while their country is being occupied by third world invaders.

    • Farrell Dobbs says:

      working class workers do not have a colour!

      • tommetzger says:

        If you dont listen you will have to feel

        • Farrell Dobbs says:

          what does that mean?

          • E.D says:

            “Metzger” is a German word for “butcher” so what he means is that the “whites” will get “butchered” by the “third world invaders”, hence “you will feel” if you do not listen now and do something about it . Tom Metzger is a German Nazi swine who knows all about “butchering”. A very small number of Germans like this idiot have not learned their lessons from the two world wars and still think they can rule the world but forget that the majority of their own people hate their Nazi guts.

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