Hope Not Hate Reports; Fisticuffs in the Garden of England

Here’s a couple of stories from Hope Not Hate. We are reminded of the old aphorism about what happens when thieves fall out….


Kent meeting starts with a fight . posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 30 July 2012, 17:29

Taylor: None too popular.
Taylor: None too popular.

Nick Griffin rounded off his weekend humiliation yesterday by apparently having to watch his Dagenham organiser Bob Taylor being beaten to a pulp outside the BNP’s poorly attended meeting in Sheerness, Kent.

Taylor arrived in the company of sex-shop boss Steve Squire and local organiser Marc Ackland, but despite surrounding themselves with heavy security, Taylor was confronted by a longstanding enemy and beaten to the ground while the BNP’s already shell-shocked securiy team were warned not to become involved.

Taylor was described as being in a bit of a “state” after the beating, but according to our source, he was given very little sympathy when it became clear what the reason was behind the beating.

Needless to say, as soon as we come into actual physical possession of the evidence, and if it is not too vulgar for a family site like ours, we’ll be letting you be the judges yourselves!

 BNP thugs plan revenge on NF man posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 30 July 2012, 18:57

Eason: took offence to Taylor, apparently
Eason: took offence to Taylor, apparently

Well, seek and ye shall find!

This is Paul Eason of the National Front, the man who attacked the BNP’s Bob Taylor yesterday.

It seems Taylor is keen to refute our article (and the claims of people that were there) that Eason in any way beat him up. He’s claiming the marks on his face only came from Eason’s Nazi badges!

Now it seems that the BNP are planning revenge. Violent thug Mick Braun is suggesting that the BNP exact revenge on Eason at his home in Kent. Braun has previously suggested that Asians and Gay people be sprayed with hydrochloric acid!

Apparently Taylor’s pride has been hurt by our article. A mysterious person has left a comment on our blog claiming that Taylor could take down seven large men!


the person who fought with Taylor looked very much someone who was on Griffin’s Security Team during the time of the EHRC case. From what I can gather, the grievance was about Mr Taylor making online threats to slice this man and his partner open. Another man who was there accused Mr Taylor of threatening elderly women. Mr Squire refused to help Taylor out. The owner of the venue then came out and said that the meeting was off.

Braun: Not brains, obviously

Braun: Not brains, obviously


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