Hotel `tricked’ into hosting BNP party

Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa

A TOP Wirral hotel says it was “tricked” into hosting an event for far-right activists.Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa said bosses did not know leading members of the BNP and the French National Front party were among those attending a conference there on Tuesday.They said that by the time they found out it was too late to cancel the booking.

The hotel’s comments come after anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate campaigned against the event via Facebook, while some took to Twitter in anger.

Chester and Cheshire West Labour councillor Ben Powell tweeted: “Saddened that Nick Griffin and his fascist pals from across Europe are gathered at Thornton Hall Hotel.”

However a hotel spokesman said staff did not know the booking, which was made on behalf of the European Social Political and Economic Research Establishment, would involve members of the BNP.

The spokesman said: “The conference facilities at Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa are widely used by a vast range of organisations including political parties and Members of the European Parliament.

“On this occasion, we received a booking which came to us on behalf of the European Social Political and Economic Research Establishment.

“The identities of the delegates were not revealed to us until they arrived on the day, at which stage we were bound by a contractual arrangement.

“We have a strong duty of care to our guests, staff and the local community and we ensured that the event caused no disruption.

“Thornton Hall Hotel would never knowingly allow an event of this nature to take place and we regret any offence or distress caused or taken by the presence of this conference.”

Wirral South MP Alison McGovern said: “Clearly Thornton Hall were not expecting a conference of this nature on the premises. Once the situation became clear, they ensured there was no disruption.

“This was beyond their control. I am a great supporter of the hotel and will continue to be so.”

From the Wirral Globe. 01.08.12. Report by Stepanie Cureton

Editorial. This piece contains two of the most astounding pieces of Goebellesdegook anyone at Liveraf can ever remember reading. First of all, the claim that Thornton Hall Hotel was bound by contractual obligation is nonsense. The booking was made in the name of The European Social Political and Economic Research Establishment, and there is no such organisation, as hotel staff would have found out if they had googled the same. Therefore, in using such a spurious name, the only people in breach of contract would have been the BNP. Incidentally, the defence that the management didn’t know who they were is precisely the one used by the licensee of the Cricketers Club over the BNP national conference last year.

 Secondly, and please remember that Alison McGovern is a member of the LABOUR PARTY, we would have expected the constituency’s MP to cause all the disruption necessary to chase  these harpies out of the Wirral; a place where BNP support is so miniscule that the only candidate they could put up in the last elections was a swastika waving Nazi.

 We don’t expect much from the Labour Party nowadays, but we do expect their MPs to give a clearer lead than this.


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