Stand up to Griffin and his Nazi thugs

Vile ... BNP leader Griffin

Vile … BNP leader Griffin
BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin was chased out of Scotland last week by locals in Dalkeith protesting against the ‘Da Vinci Rapist’.
It’s easy enough to criticise those who repeatedly turn out to stop the far-right in Scotland, but what would happen if they didn’t?

If we could turn back the clock to the 1920s, what would we have done about Adolf Hitler’s thugs marching through the streets of Berlin?

Who is Nick Griffin, MEP, pig farmer and leader of the British National Party? He attacks “Islamic terrorism” but remains friends with Italian fascist Roberto Fioro, convicted of being involved in a terror group which bombed a train station, killing 85 people. In 1988 Griffin went to Libya to try and get his party financial support from Colonel Gaddafi though that just puts him in good company with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Berlusconi (and the rest).

Convicted of incitement to racial hatred in 1998, he claimed that the Nazi Holocaust did not take place and the chimneys at Auschwitz were a hoax.

Following the Admiral Duncan gay pub bombing by former BNP member David Copeland, Griffin wrote: “The TV footage of dozens of gay demonstrators flaunting their perversion in front of the world’s journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive.”

As for blacks, he said: “Non- whites have no place here at all and we will not rest until every last one has left our land”. His BNP was founded on the basis of a whites-only admission policy, whilst it shelters convicted Nazi thugs in its ranks.

The original BNP, founded during World War II, called for a peace treaty with Hitler.

In the 70s it became the National Front and leader John Tyndall claimed Hitler’s Mein Kampf was his bible. After forming the British National Party, they set up an HQ in Welling, Kent, leading to a 200 per cent rise in racist attacks in the area. Four young black and Asian men, including Stephen Lawrence, were murdered in racist attacks nearby between February 1991 and April 1993.

Today’s BNP masquerades as respectable nationalists campaigning about Muslims, immigration and Halal meat.

Despite cosmetic changes they haven’t dropped fascism and remain dedicated to an “all-white Britain”. To gain legitimacy they try to model themselves on the electoral success of French and Italian Nazis, who were once considered a joke.

Hitler didn’t gain power by openly stating he would send six million Jews to the gas chambers, he used ‘respectable scapegoat politics’ as a glue to unite millions desperate in an economic depression and that is why we say ‘never again’.

If you have the time, walk to a little-known memorial on West Clyde Street in Glasgow.

La Pasionaria is dedicated to the brave men and women of Scotland who fought and died in the Spanish Civil War against Franco’s fascists in the 1930s.

‘Non Passeran’ — ‘They Shall Not Pass’ — was the cry of those anti-fascists. Let’s make sure we keep that memory alive and Scotland Nazi-free.

From The Scottish Sun.  05.08.12. Article by Anwar Aamer.

3 Responses to “Stand up to Griffin and his Nazi thugs”
  1. Charlie Watt says:

    Never thought I’d see “no passeran” written in the scum.

  2. Gareth says:

    You are aware that the BNP was formed in 1982 and that the BNP formed during the second world war has nothing to do with the current party right?

  3. Brian Foley says:

    “Jews to the gas chambers” ???? Remeber the thousands of Scots you murdered in the clearances? Sanctimonious pricks. Facism died out in the 20th century about time you woke up and see the enemy of today and yesterday Freemarket economics.

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