EDL to return to Walthamstow on 27 October

Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, has just released a video announcing that their planned demo in Norwich on October 27 is being put back. This date will now see the EDL return to Walthamstow, East London, in what he hopes will be a more favourable re-run of last weekend’s appearence there.

Since the EDL’s humiliation and defeat in Walthamstow, there have been ongoing rows and recriminations within the organisation. Many, both anti-fascists and on the far-right, view the racist street movement as dead on its feet. Indeed, the Infidels have already moved to capitalise on this perceived gap in the market with plans to hold a demo in East London on 10 November. Tommy, however, in a previous video rant insisted that last Saturday’s debacle would be the “best thing that ever happened to them,” and that he has been receiving more interest than ever.

We’re not convinced, Tommy. Will October 27 be the EDL’s great revival, or a chance for anti-fascists to deliver a knockout blow? Needless to say, we hope the latter…



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