Antifascists Escort National Culturists Off University of Liverpool Campus

Buckby (left), Cooke (far right) and their "not racist" minder

Buckby (left), Cooke (far right) and their “not racist” minder

Liverpool Antifascists forced the fascist-aligned National Culturists group off the University of Liverpool campus yesterday afternoon, as they attempted to leaflet students attending the freshers’ fair. This was in line with our ‘no platform for fascism’ policy.

The Culturists first reared their heads in the spring, when founding member Jack Buckby (a personal favourite of BNP leader Nick Griffin), announced their intention to recruit in the uni. A student group responded with disgust, declaring:

“We feel the promotion of these ideas on our campus and in our city goes against all the values of our university and the society we wish to live in, and their presence could leave many of our students and staff intimidated. We call on all students, staff, societies, student representatives, trade unions and faith organisations to oppose the presence of the National Culturalists and unite to make our campus and our city a place that accepts all regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or ability.”

The far right group were not given permission to hold a stall at the freshers’ fair, but Buckby had this week claimed that “we’re going to be attending” the event. Thanks to our actions, his prediction was proved very wrong.

The fair began at noon, and antifascists were already in position, ready and waiting. But the National Culturists didn’t materialise, so some of us amused ourselves around the (otherwise almost deserted) Conservative Party stall, and military recruiters.

We were almost ready to write our foes off as a no-show, when “north-west regional organiser” Craig Cooke of the British Freedom Party was clocked standing next to the Blackwell’s book shop. Comrades were rounded up, and we came at Cooke and Buckby – plus a burly skinhead who identified as Buckby’s relative – from two different angles. We then tailed them all the way through campus, chanting “Nazi scum off our streets”. We picked up support along the way, and in the circumstances very few took any leaflets from the suited “social conservatives”. Those that did were instantly told who they had just met.

The trio briefly took sanctuary in the Tesco store on Myrtle Street, before moving on down Chatham Street to Oxford Street. At this point, comrades who had been called in by phone approached from the other side of the road, bringing our numbers up to about fifteen, and leaving the Culturists “shaking like shitting dogs”, in the words of one participant.

A standoff ensued, during which the Culturists were physically separated from much of their propaganda, and the scene attracted the attention of the two passing police. Buckby essentially begged for their intervention, but they didn’t seem that interested and just asked everyone to move on.

Taxi for the fash!

Taxi for the fash!

This we did, as far as Hope Street, where the Culturists were effectively kettled against the Everyman, while they attempted to ring for a taxi. This proved difficult, as we raised our “Nazi scum off our streets” chant whenever Buckby tried to use his mobile. Eventually, with time running down on the fair, we allowed the small Culturist posse to leave in a black cab heading out of town, making sure it turned left instead of right at the traffic lights.

There was jubilation in our camp at this important victory, but we are under no illusions. Buckby is being groomed as a rising star of the far right, and his crew will attempt to spread their poison on campus in the near future. We will be there when they do.

The Liverpool Student Media report can be seen here.

7 Responses to “Antifascists Escort National Culturists Off University of Liverpool Campus”
  1. TangoKid says:

    I don’t know who you guys are but do you seriously believe the people of Liverpool can’t see who the real intimitators are. It just looks like you don’t have any real arguments and therefore, have to prevent free speech, and freedom of association. Who are the real Fascists?

  2. Brut says:

    I think TangoKid has mistaken anti-fascism with the libralism, obviously been watching too much of the Lib-Dem conference this week! Why should anyone allow fascists who wish to remove ALL rights (not just free speech) from those they deem inferior? You don’t stop a concentration camp being built by holding a debate with its architects…

  3. quitstalin says:

    My friend thinks Godfather III is a decent movie. I think it’s awful. Would you folks please join me in harrasing him and shouting abuse at him?

    After all, he does have a different opinion and that can not be tolerated…

    • John Rodgers says:

      Although i agree with your comment completely, He deserves to be harrassed. The Godfather III is Dire.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Opinions on films are definitely comparable with fascists organising to bring about fascism.


      For realz.

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