Oppose the North West Infidels – 3rd November

On Saturday 3rd November the North West Infidels, a fascist street gang connected to the National Front, is holding a demonstration in Liverpool. Liverpool Antifascists is calling on all anti-fascists andanti-racists to join us in opposing them.

The pretext for the demonstration is Mayor Joe Anderson allowing “pro-IRA” marches in the city. In reality, the NWI are using “IRA” as a dog whistle call for anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sectarian bigotry in the absence of easy targets for anti-Muslim abuse.

This only underlines that fascists will use any pretext they can to promote divisions in the working class. The same people have previously attacked not only Irish community marches but demonstrations by refugees, trade union processions and even the picket lines of striking workers.

The threat of fascism is the threat of organised violence against our class. It must be confronted wherever it rears its head. Join us at the town hall from half six and show these fascists that there are people prepared to stand up to them.Saturday 3rd November, from 6.30pm, Liverpool Town Hall. Bring flags and banners.No pasarán!

RSVP on Facebook (attendance list hidden) here.

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