Pitiful Infidels Humbled in Liverpool

I’ve seen few more pitiful sights than the North West Infidels and their ragtag band of allies outside Liverpool town hall last night. A mere twenty of the oxygen thieves made it to the “national demonstration”, and as they huddled around their ridiculous banner, jabbering incoherently about “paedos” and “terrorist supporters”, they demonstrated nothing except the utter bankruptcy of the ‘master race’.

Earlier in the evening, three fascists made what they probably considered a ‘raid’ on local radical bookshop News From Nowhere. While one obviously intoxicated man waited outside and shook his head at a sign for children’s books, another two examined the noticeboard a couple of feet inside, before leaving and muttering about how the place was “disgusting”.

One of this group – who is associated with Combined Ex-Forces – was spotted wandering past and taking photos as a large group of anti-fascists, socialists and Irish assembled on Castle Street, opposite the council HQ, where Labour mayor Joe Anderson and assorted anti-working class suits were gathering for a gala dinner.

The fascists had called their protest against Anderson’s upholding of liberal democratic norms – specifically in this case the right of Irish flute bands to gather and march through the city. Local fash have been trying to link the Irish republicans to the long-disbanded IRA all year, and this reached a high watermark in July, when they managed to mobilise a couple of hundred to demonstrate against a march organised by the James Larkin Society. The anti-Irish racist term ‘potato’ has been bandied about with sickening regularity online.

But despite some big talk on Facebook in the lead-up to yesterday’s event, the far right could only muster a score, who disappeared in taxis to train stations after being vastly outnumbered and outshouted for an hour. And according to reports, high profile local fash Liam Pinkham got a taste of his own medicine, and therefore missed his first demo since doing time for assault. The chant “police protect the fascists” seemed particularly appropriate, because without the cops the balance of forces would have been far in the anti-fascists’ favour.

Without significant support from the Orange Lodge – which they had enjoyed in the summer – the NWI were shown up for what they are – a street gang with no political focus, no strategy, and no future beyond mere thuggery. But as the economic and social crisis deepens – in no small measure due to the cuts that councils like Anderson’s are enforcing – there will be no shortage of disaffected youths looking for scapegoats. We can outnumber the NWI and friends on the streets, but the only long term solution to the problem of fascism is a strong working class movement, fighting for people’s livelihoods.

3 Responses to “Pitiful Infidels Humbled in Liverpool”
  1. Anna says:

    Colin Heath, John ‘Alvo’ Halvorsen and other Orange Lodge members with close links to NWI were there. Just thought I’d point it out!! Good blog.

  2. Stevie Coppell says:

    Well done to all concerned (poor Pinko!). I heard that some of the NWI did come into The Saddle later on looking for people.

  3. Malatesta says:

    what a bunch of jokers! well done LiverAF, keep at em!

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