Bonehead nonsense in Manchester

The following two updates come via Anti Capitalist Action Manchester

Last Saturday (23rd Feb), ACA members participated in the March Against the Cuts in the city centre. As we were going for a post-march pint, we were notified that Stockport EDL + the NWI’s very own Diddyman were in Piccadilly Gardens handing out leaflets. Once we got over the initial upset that they hadn’t invited us along or notified us or anyone else that they would be about, which as regular readers of this page will know is a real shame because we don’t really see them much, we got together a group of about 20 people, some ACA and some from other groups, to go along and see what the gang was up too.

Much to our upset when we arrived at the spot where they had been sighted they had appeared to have done one. Its almost as if they were avoiding us or something. However after a bit of a mooch around they were spotted again, in, of all places, a Wetherspoons. This time the group numbering an impressive total of 10 fascists had a Tactical Aid Unit in tow, because its always nice to need to have the police monitoring you when you go for a saturday afternoon drink in town and all that. In fact everytime the fascists come to town they have quite an impressive police escort which they conveniently forget to mention whenever they put up their barely legible accounts of their 5 minute leafletting sessions. Must have GMP laughing all the way to the bank with the Saturday overtime pay.

Thanks to all involved in what turned out to be a good day, with the Anti-Cuts march being an impressive size which exceeded expectations and the fascists once again looking just a little bit shit.

Further to our last post, its been reported to us that while we were out looking for the EDL/NWI, they had gone down Portland street to the end of the Anti-Cuts rally. When they arrived they were confronted by people on the march who made it clear that they were not welcome, before the police escorted them back to Piccadilly. Fair play to those on the rally who confronted the fascists, and lucky for the fascists that they had a nice police escort to look after them!


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