Protester in court for racist outburst

The EDL rally and counter demonstrationThe EDL rally and counter demonstration

A protester who made racist remarks to a police officer and spat at another during last month’s EDL and anti-fascist protests in Cambridge pleaded guilty yesterday.

Roy May, 56, of Elmfield Road, Cambridge, urinated outside a house in Emmanuel Street on February 23 when street closures for the protest were taking place.

Pc Singh confronted May about what he was doing and received a torrent of racial abuse, city magistrates were told.

Delia Matthews, prosecuting, said: “He was swearing and his words were slurred because he was drunk.”

May then spat at police officers, catching Pc Helen Greenfield on the cheek.

Andrew Nicholson, mitigating, said May needed to go to the toilet and admitted that he did urinate in public.

He added: “He says he was pushed down into an area near the houses, where the bins were, and he says he was man-handled very roughly.

“One of the police officers, he wasn’t sure which one, was holding on to his arms and they were being bent back, which hurt him quite considerably.”

Mr Nicholson said: “He is still taking 12 painkillers a day for the injuries to his arms.”

May will appear in court again on March 18 for sentencing.

From the Cambridge News . 12.03.2013


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