English Defence League leader endorses Ukip. This is a nightmare for Nigel Farage

Ukip wants to distance itself from violent English nationalism

Ukip wants to distance itself from violent English nationalism

Hat tip to the Political Scrapbook: the leader of the English Defence League has announced his support for Ukip, has called upon other “nationalist” parties like the BNP not to run against them and has started promoting Ukip events on the EDL’s facebook page. This has got to be a blow for Nick Griffin, the glass-eyed leader of the BNP, because it means that he’s lost one of his few remaining sources of electoral support in 2015. The BNP is now so debt-ridden and reduced that the entire membership is probably small enough to fit into the back of a police van.

But the person it’s really bad news for Nigel Farage. The EDL is small, nasty and electorally irrelevant, but it gets a lot of attention in the media and the endorsement will revive claims that the Ukip is racist by association. Any Far-Right fantasist who thinks that this equates to a grand alliance between working and middle class nationalisms is deluding themselves – the EDL’s unwelcome move will be used to bash the party while delivering next to no votes at all. The only person who benefits from this is David Cameron, for it will probably put off many ordinary Tories from switching to Farage.

In Farage’s defence, it’s impossible for politicians to choose their friends – if someone crazy wants to offer an unsolicited endorsement you then there’s very little you can do about it. This announcement says more about the EDL and its delusions of political grandeur (someone in the movement clearly thinks that its endorsement counts for a lot more than it really does) than it does about Ukip. Indeed, it could all be an act of political mischief, a bid for attention by an organisation that gets off on violent street theatre. Ukip, by contrast, is not a racist party and its politics are more paleo-libertarian than nationalist. It’s a mix of softly traditionalist social views, Thatcherite economics and little-Englander patriotism of a variety that loathes the bureaucracy of the EU but is perfectly happy to buy a villa in Spain. It has entered the mainstream not by coding racism in a bid to become acceptable – as its critics assert – but simply by pushing themes that many dissident Tory and Labour voters can identify with: give us back our sovereignty, cut tax, don’t redefine marriage and let’s control our borders a bit better. Alas, it has often indulged in a crude populism that can be interpreted by the politically naïve as a bid for Far-Right votes. This is what happens when you build a party around charisma and rousing slogans: you attract ugly bedfellows.

The leader of the EDL says this of Ukip: “The are saying exactly what we say, just in a different way – do you know what I mean?” He’s wrong, but a large portion of the liberal media will reply that they do know what he means and that this is what they suspected all along. Farage is going to have this endorsement rubbed in his face for months to come.

From the Daily Telegraph . Article by Politics 04.04.13

Editorial. Whilst we at Liveraf find Tim Stanley’s views on UKIP somewhat rose tinted, we post his article here nonetheless. It is a salient reminder that whoever lies down with dogs will get up with fleas. Get real Nige. If you insist on pushing chauvinist and quasi-racist policies, albeit under the respectable flags of constitutionalism and democracy, you are bound to attract attention from groups who are even more unsavoury than UKIP.


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